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As one reader stated: Our right to protected freedom of speech ends at our employer’s door? “I must have missed that in civics class.” Has the Aspen Skiing Co. ever even read the National Labor Relations Act, or do they think they are above the law?

People for a Living Wage is having a meeting at 5 p.m. on Jan. 2, at the Rio Grande Room in the old Aspen Youth Center (next to the jail and Pitkin County Library).

Even though I have been suspended unjustly for both discussing the fact that SkiCo pays its least paid instructors $69 for a full-day private lesson for which they charge $625 and for distributing the advertisements that appeared in both local newspapers, I am offering the Aspen Ski Co. or their ownership the opportunity to speak at the beginning of the meeting.

Lee Mulcahy


Truth is a powerful thing. So is falsehood. If you think on truth it will free. If you think on falsehood it will enslave. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

But not just any truth. It must be large and hopeful truth. There is ugly, little-minded truth like: “He hurt me yesterday.” And there is beautiful, large-minded truth, like: “Christ did not revile in return.”

One kind of truth – the shriveled kind – is the kind of truth Satan uses to cloak his lies.

The other kind of truth, expansive with grace, is the dwelling place of the spirit.

If you direct your mind to the truth that is small, trivial and petty, you will feel justified. You will say, “After all, it is true! That’s what he really said about me! That’s what really happened. It would be an injustice to ignore the facts.”

And day after day you shrink to the size of the truth you have chosen to think about. Soon you will be incapable to think or feel anything great. All will be puny. It will feel big to you, big enough to fill your shriveling soul day and night.

How sad, for persons created in the image of God! The prostitution of the mind is a great evil. There is magnificent truth, designed for our meditation and the enlargement of our mind. Set your mind on things that are above, set your minds on the things of the spirit think about these things.

What are you mulling over these days? What does your mind return to again and again? Do you have a mental addiction to the world? It isn’t big enough. It has no future. All flesh is like grass. Oh yes, grass is real. Grass is true. You can think about this “truth” all day and night if you wish. But your thoughts will do what grass does in October. It is like the everlasting mountains, the unsearchable deeps, the endless heavens. This, too, you can think about day and night.

Meeting you where you live.

Kevin Kelley


Did anyone else think that there might be a certain ironic connection between the two front page stories on Monday, Dec. 27? Above the fold: a laudatory article extolling the opening of a new bar in New Castle, full of descriptions of the new owner’s efforts to make it a “family” place. Below: a chiding article bemoaning the present state of affairs for Garfield County’s only Detox facility.

It does make you wonder about priorities – but then, we already know which is more important, don’t we?


Barbara Hauptli

Glenwood Springs

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