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The issues facing this country have been forced upon the citizens by complete idiocracy. Obama and his administration don’t understand anything. They don’t understand what it takes to succeed. By doing the best you can. They can’t make the connection, that when it’s all said and done, you can look back at that accomplishment with pride, knowing that you built it, and that you made it possible for yourself.

And our government is ripping it all away from us. They take our successes just to give it away to someone else who wants nothing more than to hold out their hand and enjoy someone else’s hard work and dedication. These people refuse to help themselves and our government rewards them.

Liberals reject the idea that no one owes them anything. And if they want privileges they have to them earn them things such as health care and education. Contrary to belief ,these are not rights, they are privileges. Privileges people have to work for, and it’s hard – but that’s life and why it’s called work.

Hard working Americans are being asphyxiated with government regulations and entitlement programs. People in America used to be free to dream big, start small, grow and achieve great things, but now it’s almost impossible to get started, between the impossible regulations that small business have to comply with and the taxes they have to pay. Dreaming big and working hard is what used makes us great, the desire to excel and having the freedom and opportunity to do so. It’s just that some opportunities are easier to obtain that others.

Government romanticizes the fact they understand the middle class. How can they possibly understand or even relate? All of this is the government’s mess to begin with.

Jolene Varley


This is a letter of thanks and gratitude. Just over 2 1⁄2 years ago, this community came together to support our family. In August of 2008 Chris Lechuga, a 22-year-old native of Glenwood Springs, learned he needed a kidney transplant. Through the kindness and support of many funds were raised to help him with his medical bills. On Dec. 21, 2010, Chris received a life saving kidney transplant. He is healthy and back at home getting stronger.

But as Paul Harvey would say, “Now for the rest of the story”.

The 2 1⁄2 years between diagnosis and transplant were filled with thrice weekly dialysis, multiple surgeries, doctor appointments, insurance hassles and emotional turmoil. Family members were tested to see if they were a match and could donate a kidney. His sister, Shanti, went into surgery ready to give him the gift of life but things went wrong and the transplant was cancelled.

In June of 2010 an angel/hero appeared in our life. Actually she had been there all along! She offered to be tested. She underwent the procedures necessary to determine if she was a match for Chris. After many months of delays the word came that she was a perfect match. The surgery was scheduled.

This angel and hero is Michelle Cole. She is friend and co-worker of Chris’s mom at The Reynolds Company – Accountants. Never during the testing or delays did she give up believing she would be the donor. Because of her selflessness Chris has a healthy kidney. There will never be enough thanks for all she has given. When you see her, let her know that she is an angel and a hero!

You too can be a hero. Organ and tissue donation can give life to many. Check out and to learn more about how you can become an angel and a hero.

Thank you to the community and to Michelle from the Lechuga and Slater Families.

Kathy Springer-Lechuga


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