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I must say, as an avid reader of the Post Independent, I was appalled at a cartoon that was allowed to be put into the Friday paper. I am sure that most readers that saw the comic felt as strongly as I did about the comic of the priest “welcoming” the new year. When I saw the comic I nearly cried.

To think that the editors of the Post felt it was acceptable to run such a disturbing and downright disgusting cartoon makes me question their judgement and integrity. It also leaves to wonder if they have any morals or ethics at all.

As a mother to two young children, I don’t find any reference to child molestation acceptable and I certainly do not find it funny, and as a Christian, neither does God.

You don’t have to be a parent to know that it’s wrong. Their will be no punishment in hell like that that awaits those that abuse children.

The innocence of the children that has been taken away by such acts is no laughing matter, and it disturbs me to think that the newspaper that represents our community thinks it is acceptable to publish any form of promotion of child abuse.

I am a member of this community by choice and have chosen to raise my children here because of the opportunities that this area has to offer, but I will find it very hard to read the Post from here on out due to poor judgement by the editors. Very sad, Post. Very sad.

I do hope that in the future better judgement will be used when publishing a paper that is read by all age groups.

The cartoon is not appropriate for any age group, but I do hope that the children who have had to live with such an emotional experience have not seen the Post point and laugh at their tragedy. Shame on you.

Maybe more people should stand up and make their voice heard when they see such blatant acts of disrespect happen to our children.

Once again Post, very sad.

Shannon Isley


I would like the Post Independent to keep Ross; in fact I would like to see Ross run for county commissioner one day and have the Post independent back him.

I might not agree with Ross 100 percent of the time, but I know he always has the interests of We the people at heart.

Keep Ross.

Pat Elliott


A big thank-you from Silt Mesa and Peach Valley surface and mineral rights owners for the Garfield County commissioners’ intervention in Antero Resources’ request to increase its gas well drilling density on two parcels in Peach Valley and Silt Mesa. Many of us initially doubted the commission’s dedication to the preservation of private property rights and public health, but no longer. Again, thank you.

Antero’s request will be heard by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) on Jan. 13, but COGCC hearing officer Dave Neslin has ruled that both Antero and the county will be restricted to a one-hour presentation. The county has prepared a list of three dozen experts who would testify, but obviously this can’t happen if testimony is restricted to one hour.

The COGCC – a state agency – has long been a rubber stamp for the drillers. In Colorado, oil and gas rules. You just stay out of their way, sonny. Now – finally – a government entity objects, and it gets restricted to an hour to make its case. One hour? I’ve been to a COGCC meeting. It went on and on. They spent an hour just congratulating themselves on the speed at which they were approving permits. Why suddenly the big rush when things start to get controversial?

You tell me.

Ed Colby

Peach Valley

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