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Ice has formed in the North Pacific Sea of Okhotsk. It is 61⁄2 feet thick. It has trapped ships in normally open lanes of travel. The ice has marooned ships isolating approximately 500 seamen who await icebreakers to free their vessels. Our Northern Hemisphere is experiencing heavy snow and persistent low temperatures. This is an indication of global cooling contrary to the politically popular concept of global warming.

The above facts seem to indicate it is imperative that Garfield County, gas companies and the alliances opposed to drilling must meet and find a common agreement on regulations to continue gas production development without delay. No matter how long the scheduled hearings, they always involve too much rhetoric and too little search for compromise.

All factions must take into consideration a future of colder temperatures in our area, the state mandated conversion of coal plants to gas and a potential increase in commercial consumption.

The NIMBY factor and fear communicated by area residents has pushed the County Commission to intervene and reverse their acceptance of some plans proposed by gas developers. The commissioners owe it to their constituents to encourage drilling and a resultant increase in income from gas royalties. Companies owe it to their stockholders and area residents to do the most environmentally safe drilling and product delivery as possible without expending extreme amounts of capital to appease fear groups. Those who fear drilling and gas production owe their communities an effort to calm their fears by informing themselves regarding spacing, platform location and emission risks.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Becky, the founding fathers wrote the Constitution for positive progress. They wanted a state that contradicted England socialist society. They paved the way towards a country founded on freedom not control. They wanted low taxes, self reliance and opportunity to help themselves. Progressives now are not progressing they are regressing.

Our public schools or what you call basic education for opportunity are a joke. Our lack of a school system is alarming – have you not noticed America’s test scores, on an international level? America’s not doing so hot. Proof of yet another failing government system, they keep pouring in the money and the test scores just get lower and lower. This is opportunity to you?

The new deal created and empowered unions, which is not a problem now or anything. The new deal also created Social Security. Go figure, corruption that goes hand in hand. Social Security was and is still a con, that’s it, just one great, big, government con that took 70 years to pull off. First they took it then spent it, on everything except what it was designed for. Reality is reality – the program is failing miserably and has been for a long time, along with all the other social programs. I understand people worked their entire life for Social Security. Join the club – I have been paying in since I was 14, almost 10 years now. But the difference between your generation and mine is my generation gets the privilege of paying for it our whole lives, we are all quite aware none of us will ever see a single cent again, not one. It’s funny how you could care less about that part, or that wealthy people pay outrageous amounts to Social Security and when it’s their time to collect they are deemed unworthy simply because of successes. Fair?

Social Security is an entitlement program because as a legal term, entitlement carries no value judgment: It merely creates a right for no reason. If social programs actually worked, America wouldn’t have a $14 trillion debt, now would we?

Jolene Varley


If you need to make a copy of anything now, you will need to go to the grocery store because Post Net has closed its doors for good. Their business was the only place in town that I know of where you could get a copy made, send a fax, send your package and get help for a number of things, and always with a smile and a “hello, good to see you” attitude. The Kronicks will be missed. I will miss them terribly.

Jane Spaulding


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