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It all started with a letter last May titled “SkiCo and free speech” praising SkiCo’s rehiring of Dan Sheridan after he sang “Big Money” on SkiCo property and the return of the Daily News to SkiCo property after its censorship.

Afterwards, I received e-mails from SkiCo designed to shut me up noting that I “should check with my supervisor about my job status.” (Note that the National Labor Relations Board is investigating is SkiCo’s policy on freedom of speech in the employee handbook.)

Many at the People for A Living Wage meeting were those that have the most to lose from the winds of change that the NLRB may bring. And indeed, one cannot fail to notice the irony: my removal from an elite, hand-picked group of instructors, a sorority if you will, for asking fellow members in August if they would like to go to bat for the least paid instructors and asking their feelings about unionization was what prompted me initially to go to the feds.

In my passion for social justice, I felt we could pressure the Crowns into giving the little guys a raise. Perhaps, it would best be accomplished by a city-wide ordinance mandating a living wage from Torre, Mick and Steve similar to Santa Fe or Chicago.

Some have said they expect the usual from SkiCo … to let it die and then … fire me but…

Social protest has a long history in Aspen. And SkiCo has a long history of tolerance. But what if? That would be a company that deserves to be in Outside Magazine’s Top 10 employers … and one that I would be proud to work for.

In my May letter, I concluded with the following sentence: The struggle for our identity as a company and as a community continues just as it always has.

Lee Mulcahy


Ms. Varley,

In reference to your letter published Dec. 5, your facts are quite wrong in almost everything you wrote. I wish to address a couple of points. “Wealthy people pay outrageous amounts to Social Security and when it’s their time to collect they are deemed unworthy simply because of successes. Fair?” Maybe Fox News doesn’t tell you this, but Social Security is taxed on only the first $107,000, meaning that the more money you make, the lower the rate at which you pay. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Ted Turner with all their billions pay the exact same amount that some mid-level functionary pays. The vast majority of us pay 6.25 percent, but billionaires pay a lot less. Fair? I don’t think so.

You also state that our founding fathers wanted a state that “contradicted England socialist society.” Guess what, Karl Marx would not be born for another 43 years. There was no socialism back then, only monarchy.

The tone of your letters puzzles me. Why so much anger at a group of people (liberals or progressives) from such a young person? Liberals have done much for you. Do you enjoy your control over your reproductive future? Have ever had lunch at a public restaurant with someone of a different race and been allowed to sit together? Are you safe at work? Do you make more than the minimum wage? Do you like the fact that food has labels on it? Is your money safe in the bank? Do you enjoy our national forests? Liberals fought hard for these things and many, many others. I ask you Ms. Varley (and anyone else for that matter), what have conservatives ever done for me? I am a 43-year-old working class father of one.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

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