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Mr. Talbott in his most recent column and several others in letters to the editor have claimed the United States was created a Christian nation and that we should return to Christian principles as a way of “saving” our country. Nothing could be further from the truth.Reading the documents by Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and numerous others that surround the framing of our Constitution, you will discover that the inclusion of religious doctrine was indeed a topic. However, it was very clear to our founders that mixing religion into government was a recipe for disaster for the budding nation. Then, as now, there were ample examples of the idiocy of mixing the morass of religious doctrine into secular affairs. They declined. Yes, they clearly intended to preserve religious freedom; freedom of religion and freedom from religion. There is no country on earth where religion is an inherent part of government. Legislated religion invariably results in repression and the loss of human rights.The total nonsense of the current presidential campaign is a case in point; each candidate trying to convince the religious fanatics they are with them, but hoping the sane majority will see the campaign ploy for what it is. I have little concern for those who mouth the political platitudes to the religious, they are typical political liars. I deeply fear those who will attempt to apply their religious fantasies to the affairs of the nation. They will lead us to ruin. We have a president who alleges to speak with God. He has shamed our nation before the world. He has caused the death of tens of thousands of people with his lies, stolen elections and condoned torture in the name of our nation. He has desecrated our environment, and stolen billions of dollars from our children and grandchildren. Our nation is nearly bankrupt in the face of the rise of Red China. I note that a large percentage of the religious citizens of our nation still support his ignorant, barbaric policies.Robert W. BoyleNew Castle

Oh dear, our holiday deer with their bright lights disappeared the other night. The person most effected by this deer heist is Cory from Spruce It Up Landscaping. At first Cory was is in disbelief that someone would do this on Grand Avenue, then sadness came followed by total disgust. As he left the scene of the crime, he said this is supposed to be Christmas. Yes Cory, it is Christmas, and The A-Team Realtors want you to know how much we appreciate you bringing the Christmas spirit to our office. And thank you for all your hard work and thoughtfulness with the holiday lights, as well as the outstanding job you did last summer on our flower beds. All of us at the office know the two holiday deer were your grand finale. They may not have lasted long, but they were great while they lasted. To the person(s) who took the deer, we know you need them more than we do, but should the Christmas spirit fill your heart, please drop the deer back off. We offer you our thanks with no questions asked. A Merry Christmas to all, and to everyone else, bolt down your holiday deer tonight!Jeanne Casey and the A-Team RealtorsGlenwood Springs

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