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I’m disappointed in John Martin and Larry McCown’s decision to move forward with use-by-right man-camp approval without adequate landowner input.

Although industry is relieved by the decision, and Mr. Martin feels it is important to move forward now while working out problems later, landowners bring significant concerns to the table, and a reluctance to include them in this type of planning demonstrates preferential treatment toward an industry with an already heavy impact; trivializes landowner concerns, and, by worrying that a sign-off of landowner permission could introduce attempts to stop drilling, allows too much latitude to an industry with a history of abuse while presuming the worst of landowner intentions. Most of us want to work out a balanced and above-all accountable arrangement with the county’s industrial occupants.

Playing fast and loose with landowner’s issues in the interest of moving things along quickly just reminds us of how hurried many officials are to expedite development ” without adequate consideration of potential consequences.

I herald the county’s efforts to regulate this activity, but the very fact that it is not within the purview of either the federal government or the state suggests that “use-by-right” is a liberal interpretation of industry needs. As technology advances and pads grow larger and more dense, cramming multiple wells upon one pad in an effort to exploit a resource before the price cools, where does this put landowners? How will these housing facilities factor as residents, considering that workers ” some of whom may be drug users, sex offenders, or undocumented aliens, could be on someone’s private property for months at a time? With landowners continuing to pay taxes and homeowner’s insurance, really guys ” what were you thinking?

The stipulations are a great start and kudos for taking this issue in hand; but you really had an opportunity to bring balance to a tough equation and fell short of my hopes and expectations.

Thank you Tresi, for once again standing up and being the lonely voice of reason.

Lisa Bracken


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