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Your beliefs are just that: beliefs

In his most recent bluster, Ross Talbott has raised the eloquence bar to heights only previously imagined even within the most hallowed of halls.

“Sesquipedalianism”? Wow. “Pedantic, pernicious and ponderous prattle”? Oh my. Can you say thesaurus?

He writes, “Not only is the problem that the pretentious, specious, unctuous, and sanctimonious use of language is confusing, but it hides the real foundational issues.” Is there some irony here, or is it just me? The joke may well be on me, however, if Ross actually has a sense of humor.

Furthermore, at this point in our dubious history, anyone who is unable (more often than not due to their religious fervor) to grasp and embrace the concept of separation of church and state simply doesn’t get it.

He quips, “Why does the only target seem to be Christianity?” I’ll tell you why, Mr. Talbott. Last time I checked (and I check 3-4 times a day), the Quran is not being held up in our public schools as ultimate truth, nor is the Tao, nor are any other set of beliefs. This is true for obvious reasons.

We all understand that certain Christians believe that they, and they alone, have the inside track to an eternity with a loving god. They become “targets” due to their arrogance in proclaiming they have all the answers to the unanswerable. Spare us. There is nothing more boring than having to endure the rantings of someone who can’t grasp the fact that their beliefs are simply that … beliefs.

If I hear “but the Bible says” one more time, I think I’ll kill myself (although I think the Bible says I’d go to hell if I did that, so maybe I won’t chance it).

There can be only one God. Can most of us agree on that? My belief is that there are an infinite number of ways to find and revel in that God. In the meantime, I’ll just go about my life being the best father and husband I can be devoid of all the religious insecurity and accompanying lust for validation. The God I know would never punish me for that.

Erik MacPherson

Glenwood Springs

Some people are confused about Battlement Mesa. Some letters have said only a small group of people are concerned about the quality of life in Battlement Mesa. Everyone in Garfield County and the state of Colorado is concerned about drilling on Battlement Mesa, and to some extent the federal government and several states. I am not against drilling, I’m not against anything that may not shorten my life, and I’m not against people working.

But before I moved here I was assured, albeit verbally, that there would be drilling all around Battlement Mesa, but not in the PUD.

So, were we duped by the gas companies for their economic gain and disregard for the qualities that make life durable and part of the right to pursue happiness? We are not interfering with anyone’s right to work, live or enjoy the quality of life.

The issue is “Why destroy the people of Battlement Mesa and run them off their property?” as has been brought to light recently for the benefit of a rich and prosperous gas company.

With all the leases and access to drilling, why Battlement Mesa: to make a statement that gas revenue is more important than having people live in Garfield County and to show how powerful the gas company has become over controlling how Garfield County residents will be living in the future?

I hope our elected officials, who are elected by the people and to serve for the best interests of the people, step up and don’t let the gas companies run people out of the county or let them lose their right to the pursuit of a quality life.

John Keller


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