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I am writing in response to the article about prayer at the county commissioners’ meeting (Jan. 18, 2011). Boy, it didn’t take long for all those Republicans at the county commissioner meeting to start spouting prayer. This is right out of W’s playbook.

When are these people in elected office going to understand that religion has no place in government or politics? The last thing I want my county commissioners to start a meeting with is a fairy tale or false hope.

Please stop this practice immediately as I am sure it offends others.

Ken Fry

Glenwood Springs

In response to the Jan. 12 letter by Kari Arneson and Chuck Perrin:

Shortly after Battlement Mesa Co. and Antero Resources announced their plans to drill 200 wells within the Battlement Mesa PUD, the group called Battlement Concerned Citizens was formed.

They quickly collected more than 400 signatures from the residents petitioning that no drilling be permitted in the PUD until a study of the health, safety and welfare impacts on the community was conducted. That would suggest there are many more than “a very, very small group of people” concerned, as was claimed in the Arneson-Perrin letter.

There were not “wells covering the landscape up and down the valley” as stated when most of the people moved here. There were likely wells out of sight in the more remote areas, but the gas drilling activity was slow and very low key.

This was before the surge in drilling. The county at that time seemed to be functioning just fine, as was the Battlement Mesa community. City Market was busy, the restaurants were busy, the golf course was busy and the apartments were nearly fully occupied.

It wasn’t until after Battlement Mesa Co. priced the retirees out of the apartments, the price of gas dropped, and plans were announced to drill within the community that the atmosphere soured.

Few people I know are opposed to gas drilling. Most people I know are opposed to irresponsible drilling, and drilling within a residential community is irresponsible. Gas beneath the PUD can be harvested from outside the PUD. There is no need to drill inside.

Richard Buchan

Battlement Mesa

As human beings we do many things we really cannot afford to do, such as burning coal and oil as fast as we can and such as cutting down old-growth trees as fast as we can. As European-Americans occupying an entire continent beginning in the early 17th Century, we have enjoyed consuming its vast resources. But now we are running out. Hard as it is, we are going to have to get used to our new limits. Old habits die hard.

For instance, our habit of operating two entirely different and separate public bus transportation systems, one for our public schools and the other for the general public, is a habit we can no longer afford. In Europe, school children use public transportation to get to school. It will be hard to do, but we must begin to work toward consolidating our school bus system with our public bus system. It will, no doubt, require changing minds and enacting major legislation.

Another example of something we can no longer afford is the location of the Spring Valley campus of Colorado Mountain College. The original gift of the property by a generous land owner was, in reality, a Trojan Horse. Hidden inside the horse was the daily cost of moving hundreds of cars 1,500 feet up and down the hill every day. The Spring Valley Campus is an energy disaster. Better locations would have been the former Sanders Ranch on the valley floor or the former CRMS property being considered for development adjacent to Carbondale.

As we attempt to plan for our future in the Roaring Fork Valley, it behooves us to think in fundamental terms. We must not accept the status quo as a given, tough as that is. Everything is possible if we think so. After all, the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built of granite blocks quarried hundreds of miles up-river and floated downstream on barges. Somebody just had to think it was possible. Are we any less capable than the ancient Egyptians?

James Breasted


I saw Tom Jankovsky’s interview with the GSPI (Jan. 18, 2011) and read with great interest his statement, “We need to look at cutting red tape where we can and be more inclusive of businesses, not exclusive. We need to do whatever we can for existing businesses.”

That statement needs a lot of clarification. First, please tell me what jobs in Garfield County are “shovel ready” but have not hired anyone because of county red tape? That sounds to me like political double talk. Is he speaking of jobs in the gas fields? Maybe he hasn’t heard, but there is a glut of gas in the market. That is why prices are falling.

Second, how is the county “exclusive”? Who has been turned away?

Third, does he believe that the gas industry are locals who are here for the long run or a bunch of transients? Also, please tell me how we can be more supportive of the gas and oil industry? The county seems to give them whatever they want. It seems to me that only citizens’ groups stand up to the oil and gas industry.

How does Tom Jankovsky distinguish himself from the other Republican commissioners? How exactly will he be “mindful of the environment”? He ran for office because of “concerns” about how the county was being run. Was he concerned about the two seasoned Republicans or the one Democrat?

How are we better off with only Republicans as commissioners? Who on this commission represents Democrats? Are you comfortable with starting meetings with prayer as the other front page article states?

I am looking forward to a response.

Dan Bokenko

Glenwood Springs

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