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One’s associates do have something to tell about who you are. Forget that the media glossed over Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. That is now passe. There is another individual who should be brought out in the open as having had a strong influence in shaping President Obama’s belief system. That man was Saul Alinsky, born in Chicago in 1909.

A “rogue” communist and himself a community organizer, it was Alinsky who wrote the guide books on societal revolution. His mantra was “Take from the haves, and give to the have-nots.”

This theme, with its altruistic beckonings, was the means and not the goal: the goal being to gain power at all costs. (Hillary Clinton was offered a position by Alinsky, but she opted to attend Yale.) Alinsky never referred to himself as a communist but preferred the term “progressive.”

He did, however, hire many communist party members to infiltrate unions, social welfare organizations and government offices. Even though Obama never met Alinsky, who died in 1972, he clearly used the Alinsky model in conducting his own seminars.

In the presidential campaign, “hope” was the beckoning word for American voters; “change” became the secret word for revolution. Communism, socialism and progressivism – alive and kicking at our Constitution.

Carol Abbott


The House vote to repeal “Obamacare” has been entertaining political theater.

A Fox News segment posted to the Internet on Jan. 21 showed a poll entitled “Most Americans Would Repeal Obamacare.” Further reading showed that 27 percent favored total repeal, 32 percent wanted repeal of at least one part, 16 percent desired no change, and 15 percent would expand coverage. Polls by the Associated Press, the Washington Post and other news outlets showed a range of 18 to 30 percent who wanted total repeal.

The Congressional Budget Office stands by the figure of reduction of the deficit by $143 billion by the landmark healthcare legislation passed by the previous Congress. New Speaker John Boehner says the true figure is “only” $124 billion. The CBO puts the cost of repealing the “Job-killing Health Care Bill” at $230 billion added to the deficit over 10 years.

The “job-killing” modifier in the Republican repeal refers to a CBO analysis of people now working only to keep their health insurance coverage. Most of these jobs would open up for currently unemployed workers, not be eliminated, as the Republicans seem to assume.

The advantages of the current law include tax credits for small business. These would be lost with repeal, in effect passing a tax increase on small business. Other advantages include the provision of health coverage to 31 million previously uninsured Americans, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and ending the common industry-wide practice of canceling coverage for those who apply for the benefits they expect and for which they have paid premiums.

It seems there are three choices:

1. Obamacare, the current law of the land, which will reduce the deficit by at least the Boehner-projected $124 billion, continue coverage for millions of Americans and eliminate insurance industry abuses.

2. Repeal, which will add $230 billion to the deficit, deprive millions of currently insurable Americans, and increase taxes on small business.

3. A responsible bipartisan effort to tweak current law while maintaining the advantages.

I choose door No. 3.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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