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I recently moved to Glenwood Springs. I used to live in Battlement Mesa. I bought my house there in 2004. Not a well pad or drilling rig was in sight. My Realtor never mentioned that drilling was a possibility. The community was touted as a retirement community by Battlement Mesa Inc.

Residents were recently shocked to hear of Antero’s intentions to drill 200 wells in the midst of our beautiful community. We learned these negotiations had been going on for years between Exxon-Mobil, Battlement Mesa Inc. and Antero. Despite this, home buyers and builders were not told about this impending deal.

Battlement Mesa has a beautiful golf course, recreational facility, tennis courts, a new school, churches and a mall with a grocery store, restaurant, doctor and dentist offices and shops. This lovely community has the infrastructure for a population of 20,000 residents. It is now a veritable ghost town.

The money hungry nature of Battlement Mesa Inc. drove out retirees living in apartments to take advantage of the gas worker influx. Ironically most gas workers seem to live in Grand Junction with its lower rents, and the Battlement apartments sit empty.

The residents of Battlement are resigned to live there despite the heavy dust, road damage, industrial traffic and changes in the integrity of the community.

I felt saddened, insulted, cheated and angry that this heavy industrial company, with all the dangerous implications, would be allowed to enter our densely populated community. I can’t believe our county commissioners and the COGCC will allow this tragedy to happen.

With directional drilling, aren’t there other options available than drilling in the middle of a community?

Commissioner Martin states it isn’t nice to deny the mineral owners the income they deserve. The minerals under Battlement are owned by the mighty giant Exxon-Mobil. We little people sitting on the land above have no rights.

I decided the anger, anxiety, feelings of helplessness and health risks were not worth staying. I opted to leave the home I loved, the activities I loved and the friends I loved.

Cheri Brandon

Glenwood Springs

I read the article in the paper about the county commissioners having a time of prayer before their sessions, which I whole-heartedly support and applaud. I also saw a letter to the editor from a distraught individual who wrote, “religion has no place in government or politics.”

I would respectfully disagree.

Even a rudimentary study of American history will show that our great nation was founded on strong Judeo-Christian principles, and prayer, in and for our governmental functions, has been in place since the beginning. The vast majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the framers of our U.S. Constitution were God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians, not deists or atheists or socialists.

Obviously, this does not mean that every American citizen must be a Christian, but it is certainly legitimate and appropriate for prayer to be offered in our county commissioner forums.

BJ Worthen


Wow! Sorry you are “offended” that (dare I say it …) prayer is “infiltrating” our local government.

“Stop this practice immediately,” you say, as others are offended, too.

Well, I myself am offended that you feel your opinion trumps those of us who believe that God’s guidance is needed in our government.

So I say, “Continue this practice indefinitely.” Because excluding God from guiding decisions that affect myself and my family offends me, and I am sure many others.

Andi Duplesys


As an employee of Garfield County Road and Bridge, I would like to affirm that we do say a prayer every time we have to work on a county road.

The reason for this is the motoring public appears to have no regard for anyone working on any roadway. Just let me say, “Slow down and pay attention” when you see a road and bridge employee “patchin’ and prayin’.”

Randy Gorsett


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