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I feel a need to answer the letter titled “Concerns over VVH ER staffing” from Sarah of IL. Sorry Sarah, but you are wrong. First of all, your letter contains many statements that are huge assumptions on your part. The “information” you write about could only be obtained by improper observation and assumption. The staff of VVH ER are all professionals and the would never answer questions (direct or indirect) that you make the readers believe you asked, and were answered directly.

OK, now who am I to answer your letter this way? I have been, a more than frequent flier, through VVH ER for over 27 years. On a good year, I am in there between 15 to 20 times. This year so far I have been through the ER three times. I know most of the nurses, all the doctors, and they know me. I know them from a patient perspective. Let me give my observations, information gained over more visits, and a much longer time frame, all times of day and night.

I have never, and I stress never, felt the ER was understaffed. If they get busy in the ER, nurses are pulled from other parts of the hospital or called in within a very short time. Because of my condition (I’m mostly just dehydrated), if they are busy, I will have to wait. I have never, since the new ER opened, waited more than half an hour, before I receive attention. I have been there many times when more staff was called in and it happens very fast … they are “extreme” professionals at VVH. The VVH ER is the best one I’ve been in, and trust me … I’ve been in a lot of different ERs throughout the world.

As a frequent patient of VVH ER, I found Sarah’s letter to be unfounded, unfair, and based in assumptions. The staff and doctors of VVH ER are the best, most polite, “extreme”, “X Games level” professionals. They’re always quick and they are never understaffed in my opinion. Don’t worry about them being “off their game”. They never are.

Brad Gates

New Castle

I am a parent of a Glenwood Springs high schooler and I feel a duty to inform other parents of what is being taught to our children.

The other day our kids were taken out of one of their classes to listen to a very biased speech on global warming from a women from ACES. As far as I know, there is not going to be a similar speech on the contrasting science.

This is just one example of the progressive agenda in our school systems.

I know it takes a lot of work to be a parent, but we have to hold our teachers and administrators accountable. If they are going to allow a speaker to come in and speak one side of a scientific controversy (climate change), then they should allow a speaker to come in and speak on the other side in defense.

Then, the students should be able to draw his or her own conclusions.

Parents, please stay informed and contact your school administrators on issues like this.

Jane Till


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