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I find it interesting that every time someone points out the errors in believing in human-caused global warming, the response is “pie-in-sky” fantasizing about a glorious new world with electric cars and alternative energy. What this really shows is the pathetic lack of scientific education these writers have.

If you research Dr. Steven Chu, you find that he is not a scientist dispassionately searching for answers among myriad questions. He has a very pronounced agenda.

But the funniest thing is the mention of electric cars.

The much-touted GM Leaf gets only 100 miles on a charge. Furthermore, the mainstream media didn’t report at first that it also has a back-up, conventional gas motor. Even the New York Times auto reviewer called it a lemon.

The California state government, in its collective “wisdom,” has called for 1 million of these things to be on the road by 2015.

California has not built a new power plant in more than 25 years. As a matter of fact, Reuters reported last week that a California environmental group was suing to prevent construction of a solar power plant in the desert.

I guess one agenda doesn’t agree with the other agenda.

Also, electric cars go through tires quicker because of the increased weight from the batteries.

Have you noticed how low these are to the ground? I bet they couldn’t get through a 4-inch snowfall, let alone the storm on the East Coast.

Finally, think what this will do to your home electric bill.

Sharon Brenner


I wish to express my extreme displeasure with the outrageous actions of the Republican Vacancy Committee in the Colorado District 8 senate seat vacated by Al White. The committee met on Jan. 3 in the Moffat County Courthouse.

It seems to me that these folks completely disregarded the votes in the district where Bob McConnell won more votes than his rival in the primary held in August 2010.

What did Al White promise to the committee for his wife’s selection to the post? I don’t know Mrs. White, but I strongly doubt her qualifications come to the level of Mr. McConnell’s.

Also, it is incomprehensible to me that Mr. White can brag about being a “RINO” Republican and still garner any respect in the state party. I do believe, after a lot of soul searching, that because of the Colorado Republican Party’s inept handling of the gubernatorial candidacy and of this appointment of Mrs. White to District 8 senate seat, I will no longer be able to support them.

I would sure like my money back but will have to be content with knowing they will get no more money from me. Since it seems that an undivided Republican Party is not a consideration of this board, I will be changing my party affiliation.

I am, of course, fully aware the fact this action will be ignored by the Republicans in charge and will probably not change anything. But I will have the satisfaction of not being “poor ole ” Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.

Fred Sefkovic


Salute to firefighters for response to house fire

I am writing to salute our local fire and police departments for their handling of the recent house fire in Willits. It was a night none of us in this neighborhood will soon forget.

At 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 12, my son and I were yanked out of our bedtime story routine by a loud roar. When I looked out the window for the source of the noise, I saw flames shooting through the roof of a house one backyard away.

I called 911 while ushering my son outside, where we met my husband and neighbors in the street. The women corralled kids into a friend’s home on the other side of the street as the men tried to hook up a garden hose and wet fences down by shoveling snow onto them.

Meanwhile, we all waited anxiously for what seemed like a very long time for fire trucks to arrive. But then, 10 minutes can feel like an hour when a neighbor’s house is on fire and you fear your own may be next.

By the time fire engines, arrived the two-story structure was engulfed in flames. Yet within minutes the emergency team had the situation under control. Damage, for the most part, was contained to the initial site – no small feat in a dense subdivision such as this. (One hates to think what might have happened had it been a windy night, or summer or fall.)

On behalf of those of us who live on Lake Court, our deep gratitude goes out to all of the emergency workers – many of whom are volunteers – from Basalt, Snowmass and Carbondale who prevented one family’s disaster from turning into a neighborhood tragedy.

Julie Comins Pickrell


James Gorman of Michigan plays fast and loose with the facts in his condemnation of the Hidden Gems proposal with regards to hunting. With his plethora of incorrect statements, it’s hard to know where to start a rebuttal.

First, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is funded from user fees and from other sources. A sizable contribution comes from lottery proceeds. Yes, Colorado’s hunting brings in a lot of dollars to the state, but funding for DOW is not as singularly dependent on user fees as he claims.

Secondly, he doesn’t understand that where logging trucks, water service vehicles and gas line maintenance vehicles can go is not a wilderness, and his ATV will likewise continue to be allowed.

I agree with his argument that most hunters don’t use horses, but if you’re not in shape enough to do it on your own, they will get you to where the animals are (far better than an ATV) and outfitting is truly an iconic Western tradition. Outfitting creates far more jobs than ATV sales and servicing.

Finally, why can’t anybody walk any more? Three years in a row, I’ve managed to locate and shoot an elk less than a mile from my full size 4-wheel drive vehicle, parked on established and legal Forest Service roads.

The current Hidden Gems proposal includes closing only 22 miles of approved road out of the 6,900 miles available. That’s less than 1/3 of 1 percent. I realize that altitude is a factor for flat-landers, but I’ve found that to successfully sneak up on the critters, you’ve got to be quiet, which translates into sloowww. Real slow. Like one-quarter to one-half mile per hour. Surely even a couch potato from low altitude can manage that glacial pace for a couple of hours.

All things considered, my observation is that wilderness designation improves hunting, keeping more animals closer to the hunters rather than being run off by the sound of mechanized transport. And, let’s face it. Hunting from any wheeled vehicle is called road hunting, strictly in violation of Colorado hunting regulations (C.R.S. Sec. 33-6-4).

Bob Shettel


We write to urge attendance at Wilderness Workshop’s Naturalist Nights presentations taking place Wednesday nights at the Third Street Center in Carbondale and at Aspen Center for Environmental Studies on Thursday nights.

These events are a great opportunity to learn about local natural resource issues, no matter your environmental inclinations.

We’ve been attending for several years now. The casual, free and informative lectures lure a wide range of folks, from old-time ranchers to young hoola-hoopers and professionals.

We’ve learned about bat populations up the Crystal, threats to local bighorn sheep, concepts like the “trophic cascade” and the importance of predators in ecosystem health, and the impact that human use and development can have on other forms of life.

Last week’s program focused on the crucial role wildlife corridors play in allowing animals the freedom to roam across large landscapes.

Many of these programs focus on the biological importance of mid-elevation lands, which are at greater risk and are less protected than the spectacular alpine landscape.

The presentations are just one more great reminder why we all live here: a wonderful community in a remarkable landscape. Support your own understanding of the local landscape and show up.

Jane and Dick Hart


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