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There’s great deal of conversation concerning the state of the economy and the 2010 elections results. Let’s have a brief discussion of how they intersect.

The GOP rose from the dead to sweep the elections, based on a platform of new-found fiscal responsibility, job creation, and tax cuts (rumors of their demise were obviously premature). Although it’s only been a couple of months, perhaps we can gauge the direction they wish to take us.

Let’s look at job creation. The first votes and proposed bills indicate that health care, women’s rights, the EPA, food programs for the poor, and the reduction of the federal workforce seem to have broken out of the gate as leading the pack for job creation initiatives. Really. These are the first issues the house addressed. I especially like the attacks on federal workers. So, we fire them to reduce the deficit, and then give them unemployment?

Eviscerating the EPA under the guise of job creation, claiming clean air and water regulations are stifling business growth, is a “straw man” argument (translate straw man for big business). The GOP legislating tax breaks for companies moving U.S. jobs overseas – now there is a legitimate discussion.

Now for fiscal responsibility. We (sort of) had an annual budget surplus in 2000 of $236 billion. Two years later, our deficit was $158 billion. By 2004, it had more than doubled to $413 billion and climbing. The year 2008 brought the banking near-collapse and $700 billion bank bailout. (I’m not mentioning any names.) Then 2010 gives us four New York-based banks spending a combined $84.4 billion on bonuses. Yes, they were bailout banks.

Millionaires and billionaires got tax breaks, originated in 2002, expanded in 2004 and renewed in 2010, yet we are going to cut funding for the poor.

Oil companies reported record profits (with $40 billion in subsidies), but we need to overturn health care.

Next target: Social Security and Medicare. How’s your retirement looking?

I seem to have avoided drinking the “amnesia water” that must be flowing through America’s faucets. I remember how we got here.

Craig S. Chisesi


(Sonnet 47)

We are rich in remembrance and love

For these times in which we yet live and dwell.

We are blessed by this visit from the dove,

On its wings the ringing of freedom’s bell.

Human hope and kindness carries the day

In new Egypt’s land of antiquity.

The people’s power is on full display,

Peaceful patience has strengthened victory.

Let my people go is now their own cry

As century’s shackles fall in the sand.

And from the rusted, twisted pain shall fly

The reborn Phoenix safe in Allah’s hand.

Praise be to God for possibility,

In man is determined what yet may be.

Thomas Elder

New Castle

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