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The well-paid CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rockies, Vicki Cowart, gave her best front door, tour-guide-style talking points in a “My Side” column on March 1.

Let’s take our own truth tour through Planned Parenthood’s back door with the following observable facts that give support to the reasons for the lack of disclosure regarding their signature product: abortion.

Their efforts at keeping this hidden from scrutiny makes those back-alley amateurs of yesteryear seen simply as unorganized, out-of-date and old fashioned.

Here are the facts that support that assertion:

1. Planned Parenthood admitted performing 332,278 abortions in 2009 in the United States.

2. Planned Parenthood received (in fiscal year 2008-09) $363 million (1/3 of their total income of over $1 billion) from taxpayers.

3. Planned Parenthood is being investigated for money fraud.

4. Planned Parenthood has received from taxpayers an average of $22.2 million each fiscal year since 2000-01 and the number of their abortions have steadily increased each year.

Conclusion: Planned Parenthood is simply big business.

Congress may be successful in defunding Planned Parenthood altogether, as they know these facts and their constituents are growing increasingly outraged. It’s hard to miss when seven undercover videos surfaced recently showing a pattern of potentially criminal behavior involving clinicians advising would-be pimps on ways to circumvent the law with their illegal underage prostitutes by assuring them access to on-call abortions.

Please don’t be deluded in thinking it hasn’t come to a town near you. Defunding Planned Parenthood in every circumstance is simply an important step in restoring honor and character to America.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

First, I’d like to say that I am happy Sadie is home with no harm done. However, I wasn’t real happy with the terminology used regarding the people finding her.

First of all, I feel the rescuers should have checked the surrounding homes to see if she belonged there. But, in their defense, Sadie should have had a tag on her collar with an address to avoid what happened.

Secondly, I’m a firm believer that dogs should not be allowed to wander, especially if it’s near a busy (or non-busy for that matter) street or road. I’ve seen many an animal hit by irresponsible drivers who could care less. They have the attitude that “it’s only a dog.”

What bothers me the most is the comment that Sadie was “abducted.” I think if she were abducted, she wouldn’t have been taken to a shelter.

This incident sounds like miscommunication on both parties, and I don’t know the full story. I don’t want to get into an argument about this, but felt the letter was just a little too strongly worded.

You know what? I will make a donation to CARE in honor of Sadie, just because they were kind enough to keep her until her owners came and that they waived the fee. Not all the critters at CARE are as lucky as Sadie at finding their true home.

Denise Van Hoorelbeke


Bob Anderson of Glenwood Springs recently published letters in this and other local newspapers presenting a series of facts as if they were his own.

They are, however, plagiarized – quoted from another’s writing without attributing them to the source.

According to the non-partisan University of Pennsylvania website, “This one-sided compilation of statistics is drawn – selectively – from an article that appeared on the American Thinker blog on Jan. 20, 2011, under the headline ‘Report Card on Obama’s First Two Years,’ by K.E. Campbell.

“An e-mail version, containing an additional comment about the national debt figures – and omitting a number of the American Thinker statistics that could be seen as favorable to Obama – has been circulating widely since then.”

The always even-minded FactCheck noted that the stated facts, though incorrect in minor ways, are essentially accurate. Accurate, however, is not always truthful. “A half-truth equals a whole lie,” as an old Yiddish saying goes.

For example, Mr. Anderson wrote that the price of gasoline rose from $1.83/gallon in January 2009 to $3.10 two years later, but he failed to mention that the price was $1.35 when G. W. Bush took office in 2000, peaking at $3.88 in October 2008. (

Gasoline plummeted to $1.73 in early 2009 due to the recession and a much-reduced demand for crude oil. Thus, the present rise in gasoline prices could easily be interpreted as indicative of increasing demand due to economic recovery, rather than a failure of Democrat policies.

Mr. Anderson’s plagiarized letter is rife with similar, convenient omissions that distort truth. For FactCheck’s full analysis of this viral e-mail, visit

In judging Mr. Anderson’s credibility, we might also consider his closing quote from Thomas Jefferson decrying debt.

Does he know that Jefferson constantly spent more than he had and died bankrupt, remaining at Monticello only through his creditors’ generosity? Everything Jefferson owned, including his home and slaves, were seized by creditors and sold to pay debts following his death.

Ron Kokish


I am asking Gov. Hickenlooper, members of the Colorado Legislature, and the Colorado Teachers Association to consider supporting an educational lottery devoted to K-12. It is time for our state and educational leaders to get creative.

I understand that this type of legislative action may require an amendment to the constitution like our current lottery.

This lottery would provide a guaranteed minimum of funds each year for K-12.

I believe that the public would support this idea as opposed to raising taxes. I am sure that the teachers would support this idea as well.

As a former educator, I do not want to see any teachers lose their jobs due to the irresponsible actions of our state government.

Let’s save and improve K-12 education in Colorado and not destroy it. We need to protect the future of our children and the careers of many valuable teachers.

Call the governor or your legislator today and ask them to support this legislation this session.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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