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I am writing this letter in regards to the many mineral right holders that helped vote numerous county commissioners into public office. The side of the mineral right holders is not being voiced in an impartial manner compared to the folks that do not hold mineral rights.

The oil companies have extended a lot of funds to Garfield County. If they hadn’t come to Garfield County, many of the county roads would still be dirt roads.

If a safety problem arises for the public, the oil companies have handled each situation as deemed appropriate.

The few people they hire now to drive the equipment up and down the roads have in-house rules and regulations in regards to safety and speed, and our state laws. As far as I have observed, they have done a good job. That is more than I may say for the public, myself included at times.

Both sides need to compromise, and this will start helping bring badly needed jobs back to this area and start taking some foreclosures off the market. Do many folks realize that when the oil companies are operating at full capacity, this stimulates all economic levels, from maids to CEOs?

I have lived here for more than 70 years and seen a lot of changes in Garfield County. If a little common sense was applied, mineral rights or not, the county commissioners could offer better solutions and allow the oil companies to drill.

Last parting words: There was this farmer who wanted to plow a field. He hooked up his team of horses and started to plow. One horse wanted to go one way and the other horse wanted to go the other way. Did he get the field plowed? Is this what we are all doing?

Leeroy Urban


I read your paper daily including letters to the editor.

After reading the letters of March 2, I felt the need to finally write my own letter, a letter in support of clean air and water, in support of labor unions everywhere, in support of teachers.

This is also a letter of thanks to the good people of Colorado for their good sense to elect the governor they did.

Things are not free and cuts are always difficult. People have different priorities. My main priority is my children and their futures.

We Western Colorado residents need to be very concerned with our environment, or don’t be surprised if in 20 years it is a wasteland, especially western Garfield County.

This is not a “right to work for less” state and I would like to thank my fellow voters for that. At least the voters who realize that unions only negotiate, and someone at the other side of the table needs to be held accountable as well.

As for teachers, we can’t afford to let our education system fall any further behind. I for one don’t think making less money is very good incentive. If a Colorado teacher wants to make less, they can go to any one of 21 different right to work for less states.

Michael Brown


Colorado ranks 48th among the states in K-12 education funding and 49th in funding higher education. We cannot take any more cuts in education, health care or other services.

We must simply find way of raising revenues by increasing taxes on those who can afford to pay, both property and income taxes, and sales taxes on nonessentials.

Mary Boland


Who voted for these Republican extremists, and did they have any idea of what they were voting for? The House Republicans just voted to slash the Environmental Protection Association budget by a third – more than any other agency.

Why? They want to stop the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases (because they don’t believe in global warming, despite the fact that 97 percent of scientists assure us it is happening), and they want to stop “excessive regulation,” such as protecting the public from cancer-causing chemicals that industry likes to use because it’s cheaper or easier than the alternatives.

Why did we hand power over to these people? At election time, the reasons given were the high unemployment and the slow economic recovery.

OK, I get that we were mad at Obama and the Democrats because they didn’t turn around the Bush debacle fast enough, and the public wanted immediate solutions to problems that occurred over decades.

But weren’t the Republicans supposed to focus on jobs and the economy? Instead, they’ve focused on their fringe issues: tax cuts for the rich, destroying unions, slashing any programs that help the public but hold businesses responsible for their actions.

Too bad we have to wait almost two more years to send another message. Next time, think before you vote.

Peter Westcott


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