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In the Feb. 28 issue of the Post Independent on the front page was a story, “Hispanics increase nearly 9-fold…..”

On page 3 (page 2 has only ads), this story was repeated. I don’t consider this story so newsworthy as to occupy major front page space of our paper when there are really important issues in the news.

Stephen Kuhn

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: The page 1 story on 2010 Census information was focused on all of Garfield County, while the page 3 story focused on census data for the Roaring Fork Valley.

There are or will be vigorous proponents and opponents for every Highway 82 bypass option in Glenwood Springs.

Is our City Council going to pander to opponents of one option before the discussion even gets serious?

Mr. Arensman says we need “community consensus.” Please, be real. Why does he think this was not resolved 30 years ago?

Because whatever option is chosen, there will be screaming, hair-pulling and lawsuits.

Making this decision is going to take political courage. May we please see some of that courage now and not pass resolutions that propose taking the confluence area, which is a prime prospect for the bypass, out of consideration.

Rod Savoye

Glenwood Springs

I read in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent of Garfield Re-2’s leasing of mineral rights, and assume the school board has fairly researched and debated the pros and cons of drilling near Coal Ridge High School.

Other towns and schools, over many years, have experienced little negative consequences related to gas and oil drilling. As an example, the Southern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, has gas wells on its student campus, office property and hospital land. I was told they have had “no problem whatsoever.”

Fort Worth, Texas, a city of 730,000, recently approved a contract to test air quality around natural gas drilling sites within the city, including fracturing. The city contains roughly one well pad per 1,300 people and one well for each 470 citizens.

The University of Texas at Arlington has a student body of 33,000 with 22 gas wells drilled from a single pad on their 450-acre campus. The density is one well per 1,500 students.

Numerous articles, along with a number of letters to the editor, in the Post Independent have informed the citizens of Garfield County of the dozens of dire health hazards that natural gas drilling has and will impose on our land.

Have Forth Worth and adjacent areas, including schools and universities, experienced the actual and potential diseases and illnesses so often repeated in the paper? My research finds some possible health questions due to accidents and substandard workmanship, but not the Armageddon promoted by the Post Independent.

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

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