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We are supporting the re-election of Russ Arensman to the Glenwood Springs City Council and hope others, particularly those voters in Ward 1, will as well. Those individuals have the chance to vote for experience, proven leadership and a continued commitment toward local affairs. This continuity is necessary with so many issues currently facing Glenwood, along with its future growth and direction.Prior to being elected to city council, Russ served four years on the Planning and Zoning Commission, giving him a real understanding of the workings of municipal government. Indicative of planning for the future, he has worked diligently on transportation issues while preserving, protecting and improving our downtown core. He was council representative on the city’s Energy Efficiency Committee and has championed implementing cooperative energy efficiency and renewable energy measures throughout the city, residentially, commercially and city-owned facilities. He advocates exploring safe uses of our geothermal energy resource.This election depends on Ward 1 voters to either choose an incumbent with proven experience or ensure having three new members with no previous public service on governmental boards, commissions, or elected office. Two of the three candidates are unopposed and will serve four years on city council. It is very important to consider that potentially four or five of the seven city council members after this election will have two or fewer years experience as our elected representatives. From personal experience, all of the candidates deserve appreciation and applause for their willingness to sacrifice and to serve. Yet faced with many critical decisions, experience should trump desire.Through the years, Russ has “cut his teeth” on the necessary workings of city governance. He has the skills, knowledge and demeanor to work effectively with residents, the business community, city staff, professionals and other regional and governmental entities. His years of service on both planning and zoning and his first term on city council give all of us the confidence that his commitment and experience will serve us well today and into the future.Please support and vote to re-elect Russ Arensman.Greg and Sean JeungGlenwood Springs

Few people can claim to understand what they are going through, but many can sympathize. To me, strength is a word I use in the weight room. To the Yellico family, it is much different. Life is something easy to take from granted. This morning I felt like I was on top of the world. This afternoon I had cold chills running through my spine. Words can be so powerful at times and so weak at others. Myka (Guccini) Yellico, daughter of Toby and Debbie, has always been one of the sweetest, kindest and most likeable people I have ever known. Jim Yellico, son of Gene and and Sue, is one of the most impressively sturdy, dependable and admirable people I have ever known. If God has chosen them to bear this burden, he must have good reason. I pray Myka and Jim’s children understand how lucky they are to have them for parents. Glenwood Springs used to be such a small, tight-knit community. At times like these, it still can be. I have seldom felt so far from home. I wish I were there and able to help Myka and Jim through these times of need. Words are all I can offer. Hopefully, they help.Bo BalcombWentzville. Mo.

We hope others saw “60 Minutes” on CBS on March 13. If you missed it, please take a few minutes and go to those of you who do not have computer access, the segment we are referring to is an interview with the “informant,” nick-named “Curve Ball,” whose lies were taken as truth that the Iraqis were making chemical weapons. He not only admitted giving false information – i.e. lying – but seemed to take pleasure in having put one over on those responsible for vetting sources of information before acting upon them.The report places the blame for the costly and egregious Iraq war squarely on the shoulders of George W. Bush and his cronies. Why is it that the war criminals who saddled us with this outrageous blunder are still walking around free? Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, John Yoo, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Addington, Alberto Gonzales, George Tenet … the list is too long to recall here.Jan & Pat GirardotGlenwood Springs

“Let’s go nuclear.” This is the propaganda spun out by the U.S. nuclear industry, who spends millions to engineer public opinion in support of expanding nuclear power. Even censored by the Better Business Bureau for advertising nuclear energy as carbon free and clean, the nuclear industry machine has geared up to promote its fission-using facilities as safe. First Three Mile Island, then Chernobyl, and now three reactors in Japan (one on the verge of a complete meltdown), the news should cause the average rational person alarm. And, this is not the first bad accident in Japan. Now, Iran is busy building a new facility on an earthquake zone and without the guarantee of the “expert” Japanese engineers who have at least built their plants for a “normal” earthquake. Even if we built enough plants and brought them on “safely” (so they say), 10 storage facilities the size of Yucca Mountain would have to be built. The reactor’s excessive use of water, when it is already a resource at risk, is unconscionable. It goes to show that the nuclear industry’s mantra of “build-um and ask forgiveness later” is still in effect. Just last year a plant in Tennessee leaked enough radioactive material to almost cause a spontaneous, unprotected explosion. Yep, right here in the good ole U.S.A. Old carbon fuels are even safer. Solar, geothermal and wind are far better. A new technology called traveling-wave reactors, proposed by Bill Gates, is currently being researched, which could use depleted uranium from old reactors and, in theory, could operate for 100 years without changing fuel rods. The waste would be less radioactive. However, the technology is just beginning, in the conceiving stage. How secure will these be and are they safe? Where would the waste be stored? It seems prudent that we should cease building of any new reactors and batten down the old until a safer technology is even feasible. We risk a lot by ignoring the dire warnings from Japan while waiting for the next horrible accident, which would alter our lives forever. There is no Planet B.Alice GustafsonGlenwood Springs

Your March 11 editorial, “Preserving city’s confluence area,” the “golden triangle” of Glenwood Springs, failed to point out that there is no real conflict between the development of that area and a relocation of Highway 82 onto the railroad corridor. A bridge rising from adjacent to the Village Inn would sail over I-70, over the river, over the railroad right-of-way and high above the “golden triangle,” providing that area shade on sunny days and shelter from rain and snow. The maximum intrusion would be a bridge column adjacent to the railroad and another next to 7th Street.Contact Floyd Diemoz to view a scale drawing of the relationship.A study of how traffic and parking would be handled to serve the area is, of course, very important, since current access is quite restricted, and would be very expensive to improve. The city could find itself with another area where the solution to traffic problems is difficult if not impossible, such as Midland Avenue and access to Sunlight. Relocation of Highway 82 away from Grand Avenue is another, but there most of the funding would come from the Highway Trust Fund.Dick Prosence Meeker

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