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The letter in the March 5 Post Independent regarding Planned Parenthood was grossly distorted. In the same sentence the writer linked Planned Parenthood funding with abortions.

No tax money goes toward funding abortions. Only clinical services providing women’s health care are partially supported by federal funds. To deny this help would only deprive women of services provided on a sliding fee scale.

Presenting this distorted view of what Planned Parenthood does only makes us realize how the Right To Life movement has continued to try to force its views on the general public by using misinformation and alarm tactics, and now by repeated legislative efforts to make it more difficult for a woman to make a responsible, legal decision to follow through with a decision to seek an abortion.

In my experience as a nurse and counselor, this decision is never lightly taken. Even responsible women using contraceptive devices can become pregnant. To deny these women an abortion when they know they are in no position financially or emotionally to raise another child is to deny them their legal rights.

Unplanned or unwanted children often become wards of the state or even worse, abused or neglected. I can understand the writer’s distress about “undercover videos” involving “would-be pimps” and “on-call abortions” (all trigger phrases), but wouldn’t it be better to attack the video producers or would-be-pimps than pick on a not-for-profit organization that cares about women’s health?

Why would any responsible person tear down an institution that works for the unmet needs of thousands of families?

Unfortunately there are people who choose to portray Planned Parenthood as something evil, spreading bias and judgment which is undeserved, distorting facts and figures and presenting them in a way to mislead an understanding of how funds are actually used.

I believe a lot of people are tempted to accept such misinformation without considering the long-range implications.

Please don’t accept the bias presented as the truth of the matter.

Marie Baldwin

Glenwood Springs

Our area may be known for quite a few things, but besides the gorgeous landscapes and tasty summer peaches, the Western Slope is also known for being an area deserted by the last energy boom, and an area of great potential for the next energy boom.

For now, at least, we’re stuck in the middle. And like many Americans in a time of need, the past few years have been a tough “middle” for us all. We need job creation, investments in our area and economic development like we’ve never needed it before, and one way towards that path is through oil shale development.

The Obama administration touts a “fresh look” at oil shale land leases and research and development policies, but if their scale-down of past policies is any indication of how they plan to “look” at oil shale, it seems like they plan to just look and not act.

Research and eventual development of these oil shale reserves could bring significant economic growth to our area. Instead, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has created yet another barrier for companies to invest in this sector.

We are fortunate to live with one of the vastest energy reserves in the country. This is not the time to halt economic growth. We’re already spent enough time in the middle.

Starla Haynes

New Castle

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