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I strongly oppose the push to remove Eagle County from Congressional District 2. Assertions are being made by a politically motivated faction that Eagle is an entirely “rural” county, and rural counties must remain together in Congressional District 3.

In fact, Eagle, like Garfield – and the mountain rural counties of Rio Blanco, Moffat, Routt, Jackson – share resort and recreational economies, home-based businesses, retail/service industries reliant on tourism, energy production, light industrial/manufacturing industries, and emerging clean energy technologies.

Clearly, rural – as in agriculture based – is not a primary driving economic force in our “mountain rural” communities.

Congressional District 3 is considered “a rural district” based on the shared common interest of large ranching and farming communities throughout the Mesa, southwest and Pueblo counties with a boost from energy industries, which are primarily on reservation land.

Like Eagle, it is time for Garfield – and the other mountain rural counties in the northwest quadrant – to have a strong representative voice in Washington. Our mountain rural counties have nearly identical demographics and shared economic interests.

Unfortunately, our interests are eclipsed by the larger collective of special “rural” interests. Our location and minority voice prevent us from being heard at a time when we most need to be heard, compromising jobs, our environment, and the integrity of our mountain communities.

When I moved to Garfield from Archuleta County four years ago, it didn’t take long before I realized our county did not share the same concerns and interests as many counties in southwest Colorado. Issues important to Garfield quickly became politically charged initiatives in the bigger collective of “rural” interests. Our northwest counties do not have a collective voter base to be represented to our fullest capacity within the rural Third District dynamic – regardless of party affiliation.

Rural and mountain rural are not synonymous, and we deserve full representation in Colorado and Washington.

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

What is wrong with this picture? The NFL is arguing about how to divvy up $9 billion?

It’s a shame our schools don’t have this dilemma.

Mary Blichmann


I read all the remedies we and the world seek in dealing with the Somalian and other pirates. Seems we are going to house them in the best places for life. Gee, do you think that might please them, since it’d be the best house any of them ever had? That will make them not want to do it.

Remember, these are people who had no compunction about killing Americans and others. They used them for human shields, raped, misused and killed – and people worry about how they’re treated.

I can stop all piracy in six weeks. People may be a little skittish about the death penalty, but we can take a page from history. Pirates in the 13th through the 20th centuries were hanged immediately.

Our forefathers did not spend millions or even a farthing in trying, housing or coddling pirates. They simply hanged or shot them.

Funny thing, from the 18th and 19th centuries, piracy went to near extinction. Why do you suppose? If you’re caught in an act of piracy, you were executed. Piracy lost its appeal. Pirates thought, “If I do that, they’ll kill me.” Good deterrent, no?

Although I am not in favor of the death penalty per se, murderers should be put to death, period, especially when caught red-handed. Rapists should be castrated.

We tend to coddle bad people in the name of correctness. That’s incorrect.

I am bored to death with the correctness in our present world. Along with, of course, all the namby-pamby people who seem to think all these people can be changed, made better, and become productive citizens. As my granddaughter says, “Not.”

You believe in tough love for a child. Let’s save $100 million-plus in tax dollars.

Randy Smith

Glenwood Springs

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