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Village at Crystal River attorney Eric Gross’s attack on Carbondale Trustee Frosty Merriott is clearly a vote-counting scheme aimed at giving his client the advantage. Gross is trying to shove one of our trustees off the board with weak legal arguments covered with bombast and threats. In doing so, the developers of the Village at Crystal River and Gross are attacking democracy and representative government in Carbondale.Gross is arguing that our elected trustees are not allowed to utter a single word or listen to their constituents’ thoughts about the Village at Crystal River, or any other development application, unless they are in a noticed public hearing. This interpretation of the law is designed to limit public discussion on this significant proposal to develop 25 acres in town with a shopping mall and residential development.Gross’ contention that elected representatives shouldn’t speak with their constituents except in a controlled setting directly threatens important lines of communication that help foster open, thoughtful government in Carbondale. Frosty is a regular participant on the “Trustee Report” airing on Wednesday mornings on KDNK, and Mayor Stacey Bernot meets with the public on Tuesday mornings at the Village Smithy. The fact that both Frosty and Stacey regularly share news of the trustees with the public, and that Stacey goes a step further by listening directly to their concerns, makes Carbondale a better place. If Gross and his clients prevail, it appears neither Frosty nor Stacey will be able to continue their important outreach. For if Frosty and the other trustees can’t share news about a completed public meeting on the radio waves, which are open to all with a radio or the Internet, then Stacey surely can’t speak more privately with individuals about town business at the Smithy. So far, the developers and their attorney have made lots of noise with accusations and threats, but provided no evidence that Frosty has done anything wrong. It’s time for our mayor and town attorney Mark Hamilton to push back and protect the right of the trustees and Carbondale residents to manage our town business.Allyn HarveyCarbondale

As your former county commissioner, I had the opportunity to work with Russ Arensman on several occasions. Not only does he come to his office with an impressive resume, but with a strong level of commitment to the success of Glenwood Springs, great intelligence and a natural ability to listen to his constituents and colleagues. We are very fortunate that Russ is willing to serve Glenwood Springs for another four years.As a City Council member, Russ has served as the city’s liaison member on the Chamber Resort Association board of directors, on the city’s transportation and river commissions, and the geothermal task force. In addition to his work as a City Council member, Russ has served our community in numerous ways over the past several years, as a member of the Glenwood Springs Planning & Zoning Commission, a parent member on the accountability committees for Glenwood Springs Elementary, Middle School and High School, a volunteer member of the Sunlight Ski Patrol and as a founding member of the Friends of Wulfsohn Mountain Park. Russ Arensman has demonstrated a solid and sincere commitment to the Glenwood Springs community. His voting record illustrates his extensive understanding of what our city leaders must do to move our wonderful community forward through these recessionary times to secure a healthy and sustainable economy for Glenwood Springs into the future.Our city will benefit by having City Council member Russ Arensman remain in his leadership position. We have many new members on the City Council and need the depth of his knowledge to complement their strengths. I urge the voters in Ward 1 to re-elect Russ Arensman for Glenwood Springs City Council.Trsi HouptGlenwood Springs

Ted Edmonds is a community servant. He has been a Rotarian for many years and held every position with this international service club. He is to be commended to extend that community service to represent Ward 1 residents in governing the community as a City Council representative.I have known Ted for 20-plus years. You will find him a great listener. You will find him decisive. People will come to find out, when they vote for him, that he will be a smart and organized leader for this town we all love.Ted, right now, is scrutinizing the current city budget. He is doing his homework to prepare to ask meaningful questions about the finances of our city.There are “For Lease” signs all along the main corridor of Glenwood Springs. This community needs a shot in the arm to bring back jobs and vitality. Ted is the person to focus on what counts. At the same time, Ted is a downtown resident living in one of our older sections of town. He is sensitive to what makes Glenwood Springs tick. Please vote for Ted Edmonds.Kjell MitchellGlenwood Springs

Thanks for your coverage of the upcoming Civil Air Patrol Wing Conference in the Post Independent on March 20. I hope the public will take advantage of discovering the programs of the Civil Air Patrol for both adults and young persons.Not to quibble, but I would like to share that the definitions of glider and sailplane are actually synonymous in the United States. Indeed, there is no definition of sailplane among FAA aircraft types. What you’ve found is a historical blending of terms. The pilot rating for gliders and sailplanes is “glider.”Wikipedia explains this to some extent: said, soaring and gliding is a wonderful entry into aviation for anyone, and especially youth. The FAA allows us to solo appropriately trained and qualified young pilots as young as 14 years old. It’s quite a stepping stone for those that have embraced aviation and aerospace as a potential career path. For the adult, it’s widely recognized that a glider rating will make a good pilot a better pilot. The Soaring Society of America,, and the Civil Air Patrol have shared a Memorandum of Agreement since 1996 on the fostering and promoting gliding and soaring ( dot/pdf/ssamoa.pdf).Colorado has a number of active glider operations in the form of clubs, commercial operations, private groups and governmental activities. For more information, see http://www.coloradosoaring.orgFrank WhiteleySoaring Society of America director, Region 9, and SSA state governorGreeley

In Hal Sundin’s column of March 17, he proposed the redistribution of assets by taking from those who expended their time, knowledge and leadership to earn it. In other words, take from those who succeed and give to those who have adopted the welfare state as their way of life. He might desire to judge just who should give and who should take. Somebody has to do it.Through the years, the United States, in the interests of humanitarian care, has expended an unwarranted amount of money trying to eliminate AIDS in Africa, drugs at home and in South America, etc. We created dependent cultures in ours and foreign countries. In doing so, we also created envious people. There’s an old song that goes something like, “Can’t buy me love.” Actually, we have mostly bought dependency, jealousy and hate.Big government has spent huge sums to establish allies in many parts of the world. We even support both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian rivalry. We armed Israel to be support for our military, but there have been no reports in the media of an Israeli boot on the ground in Mideast areas of conflict. With our own problems at home, why are we expected to support Japan in dealing with their larger scale Katrina? The South’s disaster was ignored by the Japanese government.The summary of this letter is that the United States must put a moratorium on all Congressional pork and foreign aid. We must require able-bodied welfare recipients to replace an illegal alien wherever needed. They can do work that they may not want to do, but must perform to survive. This will free up the recovery money needed here and abroad. Thus, there is no need to confiscate money from anyone.This is tough love, but we must take steps to avoid the socialist society Mr. Sundin so heartily endorses.Jack E. BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

My husband, Ted Edmonds, has a great deal of experience in negotiating. He employed dozens of people, mostly women, many of whom stayed with him for 15 to 20 years. He found many creative ways to meet their needs as well as those of the business. More recently, he volunteered many hours with YouthZone’s Restorative Justice Program. That program allows victims and perpetrators of crime to sit together to discuss their situations. As you can imagine, it requires good negotiating skills. He is now a facilitator of that program, after significant training. He prefers to listen to and understand all points of view before he makes a decision. Our city needs to work with CDOT and the railroad to come to agreement about the new bridge and the confluence, among other issues. His opponent speaks about the same issues, but little or no progress has been made in the last several years. We need someone on City Council who can work with both sides and find common ground. Contention does not further our goals as a city. Vote for Ted Edmonds, Glenwood Springs City Council.Ruth EdmondsGlenwood Springs

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