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Recent columns and letters to the editor make it quite clear that socialism is alive and well in our valley. Subjects containing words such as the distribution of wealth and the percentages of wealth owned by certain classes of people make it quite clear.

The irony of such statements is that they ignore the fact that the folks who are wealthy are, in most cases, the ones who create the wealth, create the jobs and pay the taxes that support our massive government social programs and needless bureaucracies.

In fact, according to the National Taxpayers Union, the top 10 percent in income pay 70 percent of the total federal income tax. The top 50 percent pay 97 percent of the total federal income tax. And according to NPR’s All Things Considered, of the bottom 50 percent, 2.7 percent pay some tax and the other 47 percent pay none.

Of course, in spite of the fact that the federal government receives around $2.5 trillion in federal tax revenue per year, it can not operate without borrowing another $14 trillion. The federal budget deficit is currently around $1.6 trillion. In other words, our country is broke.

Of course the progressives would solve the problem by taking everything the wealth creators make and give it to the wealth consumers. The problem is that still leaves the government broke. If you taxed the top earners at a rate of 100 percent, you still could not pay off the government debt. The fact is conservatism can survive without progressivism, but progressivism is DOA without conservatism.

Columnist Arnold Ahlert wrote recently, “It’s a testament to the obtuseness of the progressive mindset that the foundation of their worldview is built on sand. It is a sand on which the idea of ‘spreading the wealth around’ presumes either the endless goodwill of the wealth creators, or their never-ending surrender to progressive guilt-mongering.”

As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money!”

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

George W. Bush was right about one thing: they do hate us for our freedoms. So Osama bin Laden and his friends in Al Qaeda hatched some plans to get George and many others in our government to trash the Bill of Rights. Not that most Americans would miss them, because they don’t know what they are.

Most Americans can’t tell you what the three branches of government are; let alone know that the Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable search and seizure.

So every day, thousands of Americans are searched just because they want to go for an airplane ride. Millions have been searched, sometimes physically, sometimes even “cavity” searched. Nothing could be a more obvious breach of our Constitutional rights. Predictably, not one airplane bomber has been discovered in all this illegal searching.

What it seems no one has stopped to ask is what would have happened if the “shoe bomber” and the “underwear bomber” had successfully destroyed their airplanes. We wouldn’t have known that such “bombs” existed. They would have been destroyed in the explosion and the crash.

These so-called bombs were actually never intended to explode, just to look like it.

What Osama and his buddies knew is that they could easily manipulate a nation of cowards who have always thought they were protected from any harm by their ocean coasts and friendly borders. This is just all so easy.

Next time your shampoo bottle gets thrown out, or you have a stranger’s hand on your body, just remember that Osama is laughing. Heard any clicks on your phone lately?

Patrick Hunter


I am supporting Ted Edmonds for Glenwood Springs City Council. Why? He is the first citizen I know who has extensively examined the city’s 2011 budget, and he has discovered a number of things I find troubling.

This year’s budget calls for our city to receive approximately $45 million in revenue, yet will spend $51.7 million (Note: On top of the $51.7 million, there will be $15 million of increased bond indebtedness, necessary for payments this year towards the new sewer plant).

The projected budget deficit therefore is $6.7 million.

But wait. The deficit will be much more than the $6.7 million, since the city estimates it will collect 9.5 percent more sales tax in 2011 than 2010. I do not know of any state or local government, school district or other taxing entity that expects to receive 10 percent more in tax receipts than last year. In fact, this January’s sales tax revenue dropped 5 percent from last January.

I do not believe it’s appropriate to incur such a large deficit in these times, the most difficult since the 1930s. The city proposes to fund this deficit out of its reserves, which I would hesitate to deplete.

The city’s budget has not received the scrutiny our citizens deserve. We need a person on city council who has successfully grown a small company into a major business that served a clientele from coast to coast in the United States.

Please, citizens of Ward 1, vote for Ted – all of Glenwood Springs needs Ted Edmonds.

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

Voters in Glenwood Springs’ Ward 1 are fortunate to have the choice of two strong candidates: Russ Arensman and Ted Edmonds. The shape and direction of the next city council is in their hands.

I’m urging voters to cast their ballot in favor of new ideas and solutions by supporting the incumbent, Russ Arensman. Russ always presents well-thought-out ideas, balanced criticism, and an in-depth understanding of the complicated issues we face.

As the city’s liaison to the Chamber of Commerce, he has been steadfast in supporting the needs of business, while still protecting the interests of the broader community.

He was instrumental, for instance, in crafting what is arguably the state’s most comprehensive local-purchasing preference ordinance. His commitment to keeping options open for local workers was a driving force behind our deliberations.

Russ also believes in transparent government. He joined the rest of the city council in voting unanimously to form a city appointed, citizen-centered tourism board, and to send the 2012 city tourism contract out to a competitive bidding process. These decisions were not politically easy, but necessary for the greater good of the community.

Russ has proved time and time again his commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and pushing the city towards the goals outlined in its climate action plan.

Recently, he helped craft a resolution that strikes a balance between the interests of preserving the confluence area, the river corridor, and a possible Highway 82 realignment. Again, this was not an easy decision, but was necessary for the community’s greater good.

Please vote to re-elect Russ Arensman to our city council.

Leo McKinney

Glenwood Springs

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