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Ted Edmonds is interested in increasing the profits of the tourism and lodging businesses in Glenwood Springs. Since these businesses collect sales tax as well as accommodations tax, they generate significant tax dollars for the city to provide for our infrastructure and generate wealth for everyone. It is logical to have members of the tourism and lodging industry make up the community tourism board. As professionals in the business, they understand how to make correct marketing and advertisement placement decisions. Making as many correct decisions as possible drives their livelihood and well-being. Having skin in the game keeps one highly motivated.My understanding has always been that the lodging industry collects the taxes, and the city government holds these funds to be spent for promoting and thus increasing the tourism in our area. Until recently, the tourism board had been made up mostly by those who collect the taxes. It is more critical than ever to keep up the momentum that has been developed by the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association and its local tourism and lodging professionals.Ted Edmonds has owned a tourism business and understands the value of well-placed marketing. A tourism board of like lodging and tourism professionals will serve Glenwood Springs well.John M. TraulGlenwood Springs

I have known Russ Arensman for more than a decade. In that time we have worked together on issues concerning Glenwood Springs and Garfield County. We have become friends, and we are now colleagues on the Glenwood Springs City Council.Russ is a real asset to this community. He has worked tirelessly first as a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission, and for the last four years as our Ward 1 representative on City Council.Russ brings experience, dedication, hard work and vision to the important job of guiding Glenwood Springs to a brighter, more prosperous future.Russ’ vision encompasses bringing the use of geothermal energy fully into the mix of energy choices at our disposal, making use of a plentiful and economical resource for the heating of public buildings and ultimately private businesses and homes in the core downtown.Russ’ vision also includes many hours of hard work on setting out workable traffic strategies to help alleviate the impacts of traffic on the downtown area, to help keep it vibrant and to promote the success of downtown businesses.Russ was an integral voice in the crafting of the local preference ordinance, which is designed to give local business a preference in awarding city contracts for services and work. This ordinance has already provided work for several local contractors at the new wastewater treatment plant and on several public improvement projects in Glenwood Springs.In short, I am voting for Russ Arensman for Ward 1 city councilman. He has represented us all very well and has demonstrated amply his knowledge, his dedication, and his ability to do the hard work required to bring Glenwood Springs through this difficult recovery. I urge you all to vote for Russ Arensman for City Council in Ward 1.Stephen BershenyiGlenwood Springs

Post Independent readers can read the AP wires from Washington, maybe chuckle over their clever cartoon slant on the subject, or read what the Wall Street Journal has to say about the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and cease to wonder why Americans are so polarized, our area being no exception.The AP take and its cartoon counterpart lodged attacks on the right over their outrage (no surprise there), making the bureau seem merely as friendly and helpful, a true savior, if you will. The Wall Street Journal ‘s article is more on point, however, on what amounts to yet another brazen takeover of our country, much to the horror of traditionalists such as me.Here’s what’s noteworthy in the Journal’s reportage.1. Congress has little say over the new bureau or Obama’s newest unofficial czar running it, Elizabeth Warren.2. The law calls it an independent bureau like the SEC, but it isn’t subject to annual Congressional appropriations.3. Ms. Warren gets to set her own annual budget by tapping into the Federal Reserve. There is a cap this year at 10 percent of the Fed’s total operating expenses (which was $5.4 billion in 2009). The percentage goes up from there in the following two years, and she may also request an additional $200 million a year from Congress if she needs more.4. There is so much power in this created position, that the bureau will have supervisory authority and rule-making authority over bigger banks, and will enjoy autonomy over other banking regulators, including the treasury secretary.So, no need for Senate confirmation, as our president remains dismissive of America’s representative form of government which was, we may remember, established of, by and for the people.All this as we learn the 10-year projected federal deficit was underestimated by $2.3 trillion.How can anyone read this and not join in the outrage, pray tell?Betty ScrantonGlenwood Springs

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