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When I was young, which admittedly was some time ago, we had parents who taught us, and classes in school that taught us, to conduct ourselves as considerate citizens and neighbors. Obviously, someone is falling down on the job, because courtesy, kindness and manners have gone by the wayside. Consequently, since some of us have obviously missed out on a number of aspects of appropriate deportment, please keep reading.

Remember that while you may love your music (and I use the term loosely), others may not love it. So, please don’t make people driving in the same vicinity as you, or your neighbors, listen to it.

My hearing is still good, and I’d like to keep it that way. I don’t want to hear the bass thumping from your car as you drive down the street or stop at a traffic light. Your hearing may already be impaired, but I’d like mine to remain unaffected.

If I’m not invited to your party, I don’t want to hear it after my bedtime. You may not have to get up early the next day, but I, and probably many of your neighbors do. Have a good time, but do it indoors after about 10 p.m., and ask your guests not to slam doors or shout when they are leaving the party house.

Furthermore, please put a gag on your phone message. I do not want to “enjoy the music while my party is being reached.” I probably won’t enjoy the music anyway, so don’t have an electronic voice instruct me to do so.

Parents, please do not allow your children to scream and run amok in public. If you allow your children to scream and jump on the furniture at home, that’s your problem. But rein them in when in public. That kind of behavior may be acceptable to you, but it deeply offends many others.

Finally, do away with inappropriate language in public. Get a grip. If you feel you must use the “f” word to be understood, then you desperately need to expand your vocabulary.

Bonnie Reiff


The quote Hal Sundin attributed to his father in his March 17 column is not exactly his dad’s quote.

Know how I know? Because it’s from Matthew 13:12; in the Bible — oops.

It doesn’t even mean what he wants it to mean. It’s a parable, a story.

It actually means that God gives further understanding to those who accept the revealed mystery. From those who do not, he will take it away.

Perhaps the next time he chooses to plagiarize, he will choose a lesser known work. And the next time he chooses to quote such work, he should research the actual meaning.

Just a suggestion from a hard-working family that pays its taxes.

Susie Kellogg

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: Mr. Sundin should have noted that the quote was from the Bible, and that it was a verse his father altered to make a subtly different point.

I was shocked to see the suspension of Glenwood Springs Elementary School principal Sonya Hemmen as the lead story in the March 24 paper.

As a former elementary school teacher, I believe I can tell when a school is doing its job.

Sonya Hemmen went above and beyond with her students, a number of whom enter the school as non-English speakers. My grandson learned so much during his years at the school, thanks to Ms. Hemmen and her staff.

I can’t imagine anyone filling her shoes with as much success as she has had with such a diverse group of students.

Joan Isenberg

Glenwood Springs

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