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The Post Independent has not done its homework on Carbondale and the paper’s opinion reflects a Glenwood Springs-centered view.

The paper is correct in saying many Carbondale citizens don’t want a dump station in or near Carbondale (NIOT – not in our town). It will pollute, and the trucks will beat up our streets and be dangerous to the citizens, particularly school children, rodeo fans and bikers.

The trash trucks would be going right through Carbondale on either Main Street or Snowmass Drive. Both are two-lane streets.

Main Street goes through downtown Carbondale and Snowmass Drive goes past a middle school, an elementary school, a football stadium, housing areas and a large church. Snowmass Drive has several school crossings. Main Street has many crossings for pedestrians. The school zone’s speed limit is 15 mph and Main Street’s is 20 mph.

The Catherine Store Road (where the proposed facility would be located) is a beautiful rural two-lane road.

None of these are trash truck friendly.

Here is an idea for an alternate site. The trash company should negotiate with the LaFarge “borrow” pit site on Highway 82 for their facility. The site is about one mile east of Highway 133 on the north side of Highway 82. It would not have all of the negatives that the proposed Mid Continent site has – or the trash site can go in the backyard of the person that wrote the opinion piece.

Lynn Carlisle


In regards to the advertisement in the April 13 Post Independent about the proposed recycling center in Carbondale, there is an assertion that the roads would not stand the weight of the trucks. This is not correct. The sponsors of this ad are obviously new to this area (within the last 10 years) and don’t know the history.

When the coal mines outside of Redstone were operating, the coal was trucked from the mines down Highway 133, onto Snowmass Drive, then onto County Road 100 to the loading facility. The coal was then unloaded from the trucks into bins, where it was then loaded onto trains. That’s why the train tracks ran where they did, and why there is a long, metal building at that site and coal dust around there.

This NIMBY-ism is ridiculous.

I, for one, would appreciate a recycling area closer than Glenwood Springs. Don’t forget, the only reason you can recycle within the town is because the town requires it of residents. What about everyone who lives in the county where the service is not available?

What happens to the trash after it is picked up from your residence? It has to go somewhere. Why not consolidate it in Carbondale? It will cut down on truck traffic on Highway 82. Think about it and don’t be snookered by hysteria.

Sharon Brenner


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