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The tulips are up, the grass is turning green, and the Cancer Coffee Walk and Talk Group is in full bloom. Each week, rain or shine, Valley View Hospital hosts a walking group for cancer survivors or those in treatment. We meet in the upper lobby of the hospital by the coffee shop at 10 a.m. every Thursday. We walk through the neighborhoods, parks, and sometimes on the River Trail enjoying the sparkling river and the views of Mount Sopris. When we return to the hospital, we indulge in tea, coffee or lattes as we give each other encouragement and inspiration. When I was going through my cancer treatment, I had three things that helped me through this difficult time: my wonderful friends and family, my skilled VVH medical caregivers, and my exercise. My daily walks with friends refreshed my mind and my body. And now the medical research shows that having an active lifestyle can reduce the chance of cancer reoccurrence in breast cancer survivors and perhaps others as well. That works for me!And I want this to work for you. If you are a cancer survivor or presently in treatment, please come join us. There is no charge. And the benefits are great. If you are a friend, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, or brother of a cancer survivor, grab your loved one and join us, too. We usually walk for about 30 minutes and have variable routes and paces for different abilities. We are finished at 11:30 a.m., in time to get on with our days. We exchange tips on exercise, nutrition and cancer. Last week, a member brought all of us a bag of homemade granola he made from our “recipe of the week.” We loved the thoughtfulness.Spring is a lovely time to reconnect with the earth, our health, and our cancer community. Join us at 10 a.m. any Thursday. We’ll be waiting for you … with our walking shoes on. Contact me at or 384-7582.Nancy Reinisch, LCSWCindy Webb, LSWGlenwood Springs

Basalt enjoys bus service twice an hour, 18 hours per day, up and down the valley. Yet there’s a couple of council members and the mayor, griping because Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s expansion plans don’t include free shuttles from “old town” Basalt to their tax-enhancement annexation at Willit’s Lane.Apparently, the Basalt Master Plan doesn’t have room for any more park-and-ride lots, which would help ease the Highway 82 congestion that Basalt contributes to significantly. I guess there’s not much tax revenue in parking spaces.OK, let’s see a show of hands, Basaltines. How many of you are going to park your Porsches and Audis and put your liposuctioned butts on a bus to haul home your groceries? How many will do dinner and a movie, using a bus for transportation?Aspen and Glenwood have the demographic that make a local bus shuttle system viable. Basalt does not.This sounds as hypocritical as the faux concern over flood danger to the two trailer parks in town. In truth, Basaltines can’t bear to look at the unaesthetic worker bee hives in their midst.When Basalt finds a politically correct way to get rid of the hives, there will be flood controls added to protect the tax revenue from the high-end reality replacements.Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

In the April 26 paper, we learned that the Aspen Police Department is having a dilemma while testing the Toyota Highlander as the next cruise fleet for its lack of adequate electric power. Instead of getting on the “hybrid” band wagon superficially for “Going Green,” I suggest you consult with local columnist Roger Marolt’s column (Aspen Times, April 25, titled “How Hummers Are Green”). Roger’s impressive in-depth research has revealed the following facts: there is evidence that efforts of AM General are paying off, too. A study by CNW Marketing, entitled “Dust to Dust” reiterates the achievements in evolving the Hummer into a model of efficiency when compared to the benchmark Prius. “When the combined energy taken from all the electrical, fuel, transportation, materials and hundreds of other factors over the expected lifetime of a vehicle, the Prius [energy] costs an average of $3.25 per mile driven.” By comparison, the Hummer costs just $1.34. In other words, from the time it sees the assembly line to the time it ends up in the scrap heap, on average, including energy used in manufacturing and driving, a Hummer uses less than half the energy of a Prius. Confronted with such evidence, we have to consider that the Hummer might well be a better choice than the Prius for drivers more serious and less emotional about saving our planet.After all has been said and done, if the H3 Hummer, of course with adequate electrical power to run all police equipment, is chosen as part of the next cruise fleet for saving the planet, you not only have created a new trend and awareness (instead of following some police departments in California), you also get the following bonuses: H3 police cars will intimidate the criminals you are chasing compared to the wimpy Highlander (police cars need authority); I bet your police officers cannot wait to get aboard an H3 for their patrols; if you don’t believe me, ask for their vote; buy American!A.P. (Jake) JacobsonCarbondale

As I read and have written these Letters to the Editor, I’ve come to understand why the division of good and evil into a supposed knowledge, thereof, is the original sin. Those aspects of God who sent the sons of Adam forth without life, because he’d then will [act] like gods like us, must have been stupefied with laughter, at how mankind insists on imbibing what he knows to be poison. It wasn’t the wisdom that constitutes the sin, but the fact of reducing its presence in the world down unto its basest form: opposition. Making idiocy into expressed know-how, via the sevenfold Diablo Wraths (guileful wrath; intoxicating wisdom; enslavement of the body; lethal jealousy; willful ignorance; carving; and darkness), instruction. Be this the effect of Memes, or the upright snake, this creation of an us-against-them has caused me to wish we were once again all illiterate peasants. For their wisdom is so much closer to the mixed bag of the real thing.Concerning inhumanity of the police state, the injunction, “Judge not or you shall be so judged,” applies. Claiming one’s stance is all “good” and the other all “evil” begets that exact state, and this decadence of discernment causes inhuman responses.I’ve learned if you chastise this reaction within, and actually treat one another as human beings rather than the trained response dictated by the insurance industry, even cops will welcome this unusual intervention of humanity; within these moments a brief but lasting community comes into being. The fears (that are those sevenfold responses mentioned above) will find less snares to cause each other to reduce the situation to an us-against-them conflict, which in turn shall bar life from all collective action and empower the state to act wrathfully upon unverified hearsay, rather than serve as peace keepers, while we too selfishly protect individual property rights rather than the rights of the greater community. In short, decadence begets fascism. If we want better, we must begin with where the individual usurps (for one’s own needs) rights without contribution to the well-being of others.Eric OlanderGlenwood Springs

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