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It would be remiss if I (we) failed to acknowledge the dedication, passion and hard work given by our outgoing Glenwood Springs City Council members, Bruce Christensen, Shelly Kaup and Russ Arensman.

This thanks includes the many years these folks have given to the public before they even showed up on public TV for city council meetings. These people spent years on other boards and commissions, untold hours serving their citizens on many issues, too many to list.

I would like to mention just three, always controversial but none the less essential.

So, how about that sewer plant? Nothing fun or sexy there, but necessary. Yes, fees have gone up, but this plant was long ago acknowledged as required (go ask the state) and this council stepped up and made the tough decisions to move forward.

How about partnering with RFTA and running an effective city bus service to help ease a traffic problem that seems to always be the No. 1 issue in Glenwood Springs?

And lastly, upgrading and expanding our trail system. It was controversial, but is a safer, more pleasant way to get about town, and is easing traffic and allowing us a better life choice within our built environment.

Prompting this letter as I looked out over the Roaring Fork and the South River trail, along comes a lady in a wheelchair. Quality of life.

So thanks to you Shelly, Russ and, no slight intended, three times the thanks to Bruce, with his two terms and extra work as mayor, for all of the hard work and dedication to our city.

I can only hope our new council members can be as effective for the citizens, and wish them well.

Dave Johnson

Glenwood Springs

Shortly after the Japanese earthquake, House Republicans rejected refunding America’s tsunami warning system and a review of our nuclear energy program, calling these an “overreaction” to Japan’s disaster.

However, they immediately called an emergency meeting to defund National Public Radio? Where can I donate to the Trump/Bachman 2012 campaign?

Carl Heck


It seems more and more often I can find an article in the Post Independent where the county commissioners say something that raises my blood level. But this one takes the cake.

I am sure these three would love for all county citizens to stand up and clap for their $100 million bankroll. They seem quite proud of their accomplishment. However, while they are out tooting their horns in Washington, D.C., the citizens they “represent” are suffering.

This county has 10.8 percent unemployment, has more than 600 homes in foreclosure and more still expected to follow. The county also has a crumbling road system, underfunded social services, and two county public school systems trying to figure out how to educate our children properly for a 21st Century job with ongoing annual cuts in the range of 4 to 9 percent from the state.

By the way, for those of you keeping track, Colorado ranked 44th among states for per pupil funding in 2009, and is expected to move further down in 2010.

If this county is serious about its future, maybe it should be a little more focused on the education of its children instead of its bank accounts.

Their not even filling the open jobs at the county. Filling them doesn’t require any new legislation, any rolling back of regulations or any impact on the environment. Apparently we have the money. It would help at least a few struggling citizens, and might keep a couple homes out of foreclosure.

Or, here is another idea. Since we are apparently the financially safest county in Colorado (and top 10 nationally) and half of this pot of gold came of the taxpaying citizens of this county (and they don’t seem to want to use any of the gold on their constituents to improve our living experience here), then maybe they should give it back to the people whose taxes helped create it. That seems to be the nature of what other Republicans and tea party folks around the country are saying right now. Then maybe we could use it for some social good.

Mike Bucchin

Glenwood Springs

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