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When I was in Mexico City recently, I went to the lovely cathedral near the Zocalo. Inside, I found a huge pile of little locks, thousands and thousands, dedicated to San Ramon Nonato. He was a priest who suffered many indignities and cruelties in the 1200s, including having his lips pierced. He is now the saint for pregnant women and those who have suffered from gossip, rumors, or untruths.

Soon I will go back there and place a little lock for Obama, who has been persecuted and barraged by untruths and outright lies for political gain, mostly by the right, including the Tea Party, conservatives, and now the guy on “Apprentice” whose name will be unspoken.

My one question is why didn’t they persecute John McCain, who was born in Panama? Had John been black or a Democrat, he would have had the same thing done to him. Many of these allegations were proposed long ago by the Swift Boat people, who brought you the silly allegations against John Kerry, attempting to destroy the credibility of one of our military heroes.

Growing up in Texas before the Civil Rights Act, I witnessed segregation to the Nth degree with all its hideous repercussion. Strangely, people still think I am Republican and still send me very racist jokes and made-up stories about Obama. It is all smoke and mirrors, dedicated to losing whatever ground we the people have accomplished for the public good, civil rights, and our health and well-being.

And, anyone who refers to public schools as “government schools” is totally out there in the looloo hinterlands. The public school system was brought into existence by John Calvin to allow all people to read the Bible. Before that, only priests were literate.

Alice Gustafson

Glenwood Springs

I have been attempting to compare and contrast the Ryan and Obama budget proposals for 2012. They are both lacking in substance, and appear to be the opening positions on the budget debate rather than anything that will resemble the final result.

The Motley Fool investment advisory service recently wrote that the unemployment assumptions made by Rep. Paul Ryan in releasing his Pathway to Prosperity were preposterous (my word): 6.6 percent by 2012, 4.4 percent by 2015, and 2.8 percent by 2021, if memory serves.

I attempted to check these figures on the website of the Heritage Foundation, which apparently developed the plan. No luck. I e-mailed U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, asking about his understanding of the underlying assumptions of the Ryan Plan. No reply as yet.

Can any readers help me determine if these ridiculous figures are indeed the basis of the Ryan budget that passed the House?

Where might voters serious about the financial future of America find realistic projections? Are there voters serious about the financial future of America? Can we expect our politicians to be serious about the budget if we voters are not? After all, we elect them.

My challenge to the voters of Garfield County is to engage in an ongoing, wide-ranging discussion on these pages leading up to the 2012 elections, using hard facts, real numbers and civility.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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