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I am writing to respond to Sue Gray’s letter in the Nov. 19, Post Independent.Sue cited the source of her statistics. The Merritt Clifton Study took information from press accounts. A little critical thinking might bring one to the conclusion that a “pit bull bite” is newsworthy, while an equally damaging bite from a cocker spaniel, golden retriever, or Labrador retriever will rarely be seen in the press. It’s not “newsworthy.” The Merritt Clifton Study is flawed since it is not a random sampling.Regarding the situation in Glenwood, Sue states, “The owner said they (the dogs in question) never acted like that before.” Hum, I could predict that response but again, critical thinking causes me to ask, “Is the statement true? Who knows?”Stating that keeping a pit bull is on the level of “keeping a wild pet such as a wolf, bear or mountain lion,” is really hard to fathom. Dogs, including the pit bull, have been domesticated for the last 14,000 to 135,000 years (depending on the research you read). The wolf, bear and mountain lion are wild animals.Do pit bull owners need to breed carefully, overly socialize, spend a lot of time training and managing such a large and powerful breed? Yes, of course. All owners of all large dogs should put a lot of effort into those tasks.I do not believe that laws should be written for any specific breed of dog. Good laws should be written for all dogs and all dog owners. Breed specific legislation is a slippery and dangerous slope. Identification on one breed as dangerous implies that other breeds are safe. Not so, they are all dogs.My hope is that we can avoid hyperbole and fear when considering dog legislation. Rational thought and a logical process will establish fair and effective laws.Laura Van Dyne, CPDTThe Canine Consultant LLC,Carbondale

As much as I wish Steve Campbell’s blatherings would go away, they won’t, and I feel compelled to respond to the latest: Zionists are working to dominate the world and enslave humanity. As Steve should know, a Zionist is a person who supports a homeland for the Jewish people in Israel. As Steve should also know, Israel is fighting for its very survival amidst its enemies. My question to Steve is, how in the world can Israel fight for “world domination,” when it is simply fighting to exist?Some people don’t know their hind end from their elbow. Those people breed hatred and are divisive. They are a danger to themselves and to all who simply want to live in peace.Joan Isenberg, Glenwood Springs

I just read Stan Rachesky’s letter titled, “Newspapers not credible” in the Nov. 25 issue, and can’t help but wonder whether he’d actually read my letters, and if so, which parts exceeded his comprehensive skills. He lumped me with John Hoffman, suggested that I read “Hitler’s Willing Executioners,” and accused me of not quoting my sources. In my response to John Hoffman’s letter giving credibility to the Holocaust denial obscenity, “Judea Declares War on Germany … ,” printed in the Aspen Daily News and Aspen Times Nov. 10, I referred to chapter 11 of Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and Josef Hell’s “Aufzeichnung.” While that might qualify as ” … what some nitwit related you from some other nitwit,” I believe it would satisfy his requirement of “… references are credible and documented in a recognized publication.” How much closer to the source can one get than Der Führer?Giving Mr. Rachesky the benefit of the doubt, I can only conclude that he has me confused with Steve Campbell, Sue Gray or any of the handful of other local passive-aggressive agitators who, lacking the courage of their malice, frequently spew anti-Semitic drivel under the guise of bringing greater understanding of and peace to the Middle East.All of my letters are documented prior to being edited. Currently none of the local papers will publish URLs (Web addresses) or footnotes. To allow readers to check my source material, I’ve posted the unedited letters to the Web with all appropriate documentation, but the papers won’t let me post the link.Neal Pollack, Carbondale

In response to the letter Andy Stanczak wrote, “Celebrate Christmas with as much fanfare as possible,” all I want to say is Amen, brother!Happy birthday, Jesus! And yes, if you want to have a Happy Holiday, by all means, have one. I know I will.Dani Wright, Rifle

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