Your thoughts on how the Favre saga played out? |

Your thoughts on how the Favre saga played out?

We finally have resolution to the Brett Favre ordeal ” in the form of the legendary QB sporting a N.Y. Jets’ jersey. What do you think? Winners? Losers? Predictions?

Favre to the Jets, who say au revoir to Chad Pennington. I can’t believe the Packers didn’t want him back after the season they had last year.

The Pack will sink in the standings; I doubt the Jets will be much better, so Favre returns to the frustration of the last few seasons prior to ’07 … nobody wins, everybody loses more than last year.

The Jets probably aren’t on Sunday or Monday night, so even the networks lose, because they certainly could have promoted Favre’s move to the Apple.

The only winner is likely to be the Tuna and Fish from Miami, which added Pennington and probably a few more wins.

Congratulations on your being traded to the Jets. I thought you said you wanted to go to “a winner?”

Let me explain to you how bad the New York team that didn’t win the Super Bowl is. I know you probably don’t watch many games during the season on Sundays, but come on?

If the Jets are your idea of a winner, who is a loser? The Jets were 4-12 last season. The only thing they are good at is catching cheaters, but the thing is other teams don’t need to cheat to win.

Here is a list of the AFC teams that are better than the Jets: The Patriots, Colts, Jaguars, Texans, Bengals, Ravens, Steelers, Titans, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers and Browns.

The Browns! If the Cleveland Browns are better than the Jets then the Jets are not “winners.” However, you did beat the Dolphins (1-15), the Raiders (4-12), wait a second. They TIED the Raiders! They are worse than I thought. HA HA! Let’s see about the Bills. What: 7-9 was the Bills record?

They were beaten by the Bills?

Good luck, Brett!

Sincerely, Sam Klomhaus

Now Brett Favre has had his moment in the spotlight. Hoorah!

He finally figured out what would happen if he decided to retire, but now it’s time for the Favre to get in some action. Football season is just around the corner, so he better be ready to win some games for his fans or he’s out of here.

Buck up, Favre, and “get ‘er done.” This is also just a huge media fiasco that’s getting really old.

Same in the end: Good luck, Favre, but still, go Broncos!

Only time will tell who the big winners are in this soap opera.

Brett could one-up Broadway Joe and win one, then retire. You never know, stranger things have happened.

How much would Broadway Brett gun up the Packer contingent around the country? Aaron Rodgers will find out firsthand how hard it is to replace a legend and, after a miserable year or two trying to do so, he will probably get traded and wind up being a solid NFL QB somewhere other than Green Bay.

Or he may follow in the footsteps of my (as well as every Bronco fan) least favorite Michigan quarterback, the Greiser, and become such a bum that he finds himself wallowing in the doldrums of the NFL’s minor leagues (aka Miami, which by the way is still trying to replace Ole Danny Boy).

Yes, it should be interesting to see who the big winner in this saga will be.

One thing is already certain, we have a loser that is more predictable than the Jamaican Bobsled team or that team from up north’s squad of un-lovable losers fielding a golden domer type season this year: 3-9, maybe? Who else wants to see Utah roll them on Aug. 30? Can I see a show of hands?

Yup, I’m talkin about good old Ted Thompson. History tells us how successful teams are replacing the face of the franchise. Good move putting yourself in what is the definition of a no-win situation.

The only shot you have at not being the goat in this deal is if No. 12 careers it and wins the Super Bowl this season, then shaves that garbage mustache. Which is as likely as me getting struck by Haley’s comet tonight, or any other night for that matter!

Good work putting the reins to a team that was two minutes away from a Super Bowl berth last year, as well as your career, in the hands of a guy who has exactly ZERO NFL starts, Teddy. Maybe by Week 6 Matt Millen will like your body of work so much that he will give you a try out at wide receiver!

Packers brass obviously knows that No. 4 can still play, or they would have sent him to Minnesota or Chicago and avoided this mess completely. Maybe 30 million would have done it, reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.”

I thought your job description read as follow: 1. Field the team with the best chance to win; 2. Sell tickets.

A job well done, Ted Thompson. Congrats!!

Seriously ” who cares about any of it? Maybe a Packer fan here or there?

The “Brett Favre Story” is just another example of how fashionable it’s become among pro athletes to achieve a level of stardom where they become in their own minds “bigger than the game itself.” His “change of heart” is easily understood, considering the true nature of professional sports today.

Considering the similarities, pro football is really nothing more than another form of entertainment, much like the movie industry.

Both are represented by highly overpaid “performers” who are spoiled and pampered by their employers, the press and the public. Their popularity extends beyond being “superstars” ” they are treated as “idols”” not merely admired, but actually “revered.”

Political posturing is but another aspect of the “performance.” This includes duping the public and changing positions to suit personal expediency. Favre certainly duped the public, including many who respected him as a person with class, as well as a class athlete, by showing total disregard for the league, his team, and his fans. His sincere, very touching, tearful retirement speech might win an Academy Award if he were actually in the movie industry.

It is however a win-win situation for Brett and especially for Reebok. His NEW YORK JET replica jerseys are now available to all the “Favre-wanna-bes” for only $79.99 on Don’t be caught wearing and “old” obsolete Packer No. 4 jersey ” that is no longer “cool!”

But, keeping it all in perspective, just be reminded that in the “great department store of life, sports is merely the toy department!”

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