Youth for Christ’s Annual Report to the People Banquet |

Youth for Christ’s Annual Report to the People Banquet

As the world seems to get bigger, busier, and faster each day, there is one thing that never changes.

And there is at least one club in town who knows what that is.

Last Thursday, Northwestern Colorado Youth for Christ hosted its Annual Report to the People Banquet at the Glenwood Springs Community Center.

The organization reaches out to youths all over the world.

“We’re not a church,” said executive director Pete Schaffner.

The local YFC serves more than 500 teenagers and is active in five schools.

Although faith is the foundation of the club, religious affiliation is not required to join activities, which range from mission trips to Africa, parties, sports camps, and study groups.

This year the club’s focus is to relate how everyone plays a crucial role in the world ” and in God’s plan.

YFC teaches kids how to make wise choices and live life as the hero of their own story.

“It’s laid-back,” said Seth Carmitchel.

Students are free to hang out and eat with their friends and participate in activities that allow them to express their opinions and talk about problems teens face.

“It helps give kids direction and balance in life,” said Jeff Shroll, who is on staff at YFC. Shroll said that a person’s life is like a wheel with four spokes.

Each spoke represents the spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being of a person, and if one part is off balance, the wheel cannot move forward properly.

In their effort to support teens in all four areas, YFC plugs themselves into cutting edge youth culture.

“We go to the front line,” Schaffner said.

These days that means Cyberspace.

“We’ve had to learn how to operate in MySpace,” Shroll said. MySpace is like a digital coffee shop. “That’s where kids spill their guts,” he said.

And while Shroll doesn’t mind trying to keep up with technology, there is one cultural trend he finds alarming.

“We’re so busy,” Shroll said. “Kids are getting left behind.” So there is one idea they communicate to kids.

“There’s really nothing they’ve done that can cause God to reject them … God always has time,” Shroll said.

And that, they believe, is one story that will never change.

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