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Letter: A juror’s experience

A few years ago, I was called to serve on a jury. It was a murder trial that lasted six weeks, two for jury selection and four weeks for the trial itself.

I had never served on a jury before and didn’t know what to expect. What I learned was what an amazing assistant DA we had at that time in Jeff Cheney. Now running for district attorney, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for a man who is both knowledgeable and highly respectful. He quickly earned my confidence in the forthright way he presented the facts in the case. He was professional in his presentations paying attention to minute detail yet courteous and showed dignity. Mostly I appreciated the respect he had for everyone in the courtroom, from judge to jurors, from witnesses to other attorneys and yes, even to the defendant.

Our district would be extremely fortunate to have Jeff Cheney as district attorney.

Peggy Gray
Glenwood Springs

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