Monday letters: Bush, Romanoff, Bush, Hanlon, Hanlon, and Irvine |

Monday letters: Bush, Romanoff, Bush, Hanlon, Hanlon, and Irvine

Bush brings a new vision and proven elected leadership experience

The upcoming elections will be the most important elections many of us will participate in during our lifetimes. June 30 is primary election day for numerous elected offices including the U.S. House of Representatives. We desperately need experienced individuals to fill the vacuum of leadership currently existing in Congress. As a native Coloradan and 45 year resident of the western slope I am supporting Diane Mitsch Bush for U. S. House of Representatives District 3.

Diane, who is an educator and long-term resident of the district, has lengthy experience as both a County Commissioner and State Legislator serving western Colorado. This experience makes her an excellent candidate for Congress. The state and local levels of government have long been those closest to and most trusted by the American people. It is largely due to leadership at those levels that America has weathered ineffective governance and incompetent crisis management at the national level along with a pervasive, destructive atmosphere of anger, deceit, partisanship, and self-interest created by so many elected officials in Washington including the President and his supporters.

I know from my career working with state and local officials, that holding local elected office, serving constituents face-to-face, developing responsible budgets, and grappling with critical local issues are some of the best experiences for holding national elected office. Diane already has the knowledge to be immediately effective in Washington. As a representative previously holding state and local office she will bring common-sense pragmatism, first hand knowledge of constituent issues, and bipartisan problem solving skills to Congress.

This year brings us the opportunity to select someone with both a new vision and proven elected leadership experience to Congress. Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush for U.S. Representative District 3.

Tim Sarmo
Grand Junction

Andrew Romanoff will be a senator of the people

Regarding Colorado’s Democratic Senate race, Andrew Romanoff is the better choice.

Hickenlooper’s campaign seems backed largely by outside interests, particularly the Democratic National Committee in Washington, which is contributing millions for television ads. Romanoff has solid political backing here in Colorado, which explains why he’s done so much better than Hickenlooper in the caucuses.

Hickenlooper’s campaign will be well financed including by the fossil-fuel industry. Romanoff’s campaign isn’t for sale. Coloradans need a senator who’s beholden to them, not to big business.

Romanoff advocates a Green New Deal; Hickenlooper has both feet stuck in Wall Street and considers a Green New Deal menacing “socialism.”
Hickenlooper claims to be very pro-environment, but he’s often acted as a handmaiden for Colorado’s fracking industry. Can we trust a politician whose career is so intertwined with the fossil-fuel industry (among other things, he used to be a petroleum geologist) to stand up to those he takes money from and has always supported?

And unlike Romanoff, Hickenlooper is stuck in a private-health-insurance past, an opponent of universal-health-care programs that would put us on par with every other developed nation on earth.

In a time of severe crisis, business as usual, Establishment politicians are inadequate. We need someone more prepared to take on the powers that be. Andrew Romanoff will be a senator of the people, by the people and for the people who will beat Trump’s toady, Cory Gardner, and make Coloradans proud.

Paul G. Dougan

Diane Mitsch Bush is the best candidate we have

To my fellow voters in Colorado’s Third District, please join me in my support of Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress.

During her time as Routt County Commissioner and as a member of our state legislature, Diane has proven that she understands the needs of our rural region when it comes to water, the environment, and healthcare costs.
Additionally, she fights to protect voting rights and works against voter suppression. She wants more accountability and transparency in our political processes and for those who govern.

She works overtime to understand issues, delves into the nitty-gritty details of legislating, and strives to be a leader for all Coloradans, regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum.

She treats people with dignity and respect and listens to her opponents and critics.

Diane Mitsch Bush is, far and away, the best candidate we have and will be a stellar member of the U. S. House of Representatives.

Meghan Hanson-Peters
Steamboat Springs

Hanlon will work to build consensus across party lines

I have been a registered independent voter for years but this year cast my primary ballot for Karl Hanlon. I have known Karl for many years and he is a person of integrity and values. In the last year, I have had the opportunity to work with Karl as City Attorney for Glenwood and learned of his dedication to municipal law and his support for local control over important municipal issues. Karl is also an advocate for the reasonable use of our natural resources keeping in mind the long term impacts on the environment. Karl has been a strong advocate for the City in its efforts to stop the expansion of the limestone quarry which would be devastating to Glenwood’s tourist based economy. Karl is an independent thinker and will work to build consensus across party lines. So this independent voter strongly supports Karl’s election to the State Senate.

Charlie Willman,
Glenwood Springs

Hanlon can bring acreative solutions to the western slope

I encourage any last minute voter like me, to Vote Karl Hanlon for Senate District 8. Ballots must be received before 7 p.m, Tuesday at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office in Glenwood Springs or drop-off location in your community. (Check the back of your yellow secrecy sleeve for more information.)

Karl takes western slope interests to heart. His personal history growing up on a ranch in northwestern Colorado and his track record navigating issues like western slope water rights makes Karl perfectly suited to wisely advocate for the unique and diverse needs of our rural communities.

I’ve watched Karl in many contexts over the years, but the most profound is watching him support his wife Sheryl’s work at Smiling Goat Ranch. Smiling Goat is an incredible nonprofit that provides therapeutic experiences to kids with autism and veterans with PTSD. Seeing him interact with veterans and families has been particularly touching. He graciously welcomes people to their property, and then with comfort and kindness, allows them to experience the gift of horses in a unique and healing way.

I believe Karl Hanlon can bring attention and creative solutions to the western slope while thoughtfully addressing issues that have state and national implications. Vote Karl Hanlon for Senate District 8, before the ballot boxes close!

Beth Hahn Shoemaker

Tea party Republican for Irvine

As an 84 year old widow and conservative tea party Republican, I urge you to vote for change. Vote for servant leadership – vote for Debra Irvine.

Sandy Mulcahy,

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