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Letter: Caloia deserves re-election

Nationally and globally, our country is facing uncharted territory. Locally, we have an opportunity to re-elect a proven, experienced district attorney who in the face of many challenges in our large and diverse judicial district, deserves to be re-elected.

Sherry Caloia is thoughtful, tough, civic-minded and future oriented. She has worked hard in her first term as DA to keep first-time offenders of nonviolent crimes out of a system that often hardens rather than rehabilitates. Her use of restorative justice has helped offenders and victims with understanding, forgiveness and restitution.

She has worked collaboratively to reinstate SANE, a program for victims of sexual assault where trained, compassionate first responders provide comprehensive care critical to victims’ recovery, along with guidance and support through prosecution. We know Sherry Caloia as a just, fair and diligent professional who has risen to the challenges of being the DA of Garfield County and she has earned our support and our votes.

Greg and Sean Jeung
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