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The city of Glenwood Springs has taken new security measures to enhance the safety and security for all passengers who use the city’s local transit system.

The city’s Ride Glenwood buses are now equipped with security cameras to enhance passenger safety and to function as a deterrent to inappropriate behavior. RFTA had the security cameras installed in October to prevent vandalism of the buses and ensure the safety of all the public who utilize the city’s buses. Each bus is equipped with five video cameras with their own purpose and placement on the bus. The cameras are on and recording at all times while the bus is running. The cameras are able to store up to seven days of video and audio. The only authority figure on board a bus is the driver, who is focused on driving, and doesn’t have time to maintain a tight level of security or deal with unpredictable bus passengers. Installing video cameras will help to address this problem. These cameras will provide passengers and drivers with an added sense of security, and work as a means of discouraging vandalism, as well as deterring disruptive and unruly passengers. They can also supply valuable documentation when incidents require review.If any incident occurs, RFTA has the ability to review activity that has occurred, which might be useful to police in identifying offenders and to prosecutors in securing convictions.

We respect everyone’s right to privacy, and the cameras are not intended to infringe on that privacy. However, security is a part of life in the modern world. We realize some people don’t like to be filmed, but the bus is a public place, and we, as the operator, have the responsibility to protect all customers. Many RFTA buses are equipped with security cameras, and all new buses are now equipped with them. Bus drivers and passengers want to be confident their transportation is safe. Onboard security cameras give them the assurance that authorities are doing everything in their power to provide a high level of security and service. Public meeting invitationThe city of Glenwood Springs will hold a public meeting for the Midland Avenue Traffic Calming Project from 4-7 p.m. Dec. 12 at the Sopris Room in the community center. Residents of Midland Avenue and Glenwood Springs will be interested in this meeting, regarding traffic-calming strategies on the section of Midland Avenue between Eighth and 27th streets.

The consulting firm of Loris and Associates, which has been hired by the city to develop conceptual plans and the construction documents, is the host for the meeting. Maps of the corridor and examples of traffic-calming tools being considered for the project will be on display. The format of the open house allows the public to arrive any convenient time during the open hours, view the conceptual drawings and offer input and comments. Those unable to attend are still invited to share their comments. Please submit them in writing to: City of Glenwood Springs, Attn.: King Lloyd, 101 West 8th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.Sabrina Harris is transportation manager for the city of Glenwood Springs.

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