Cancer center not a cure, but a comfort |

Cancer center not a cure, but a comfort

That Valley View Hospital’s new cancer center is such a tremendous resource for Garfield County is bittersweet, because odds are that many will use it.The reason the new cancer center is such a boon is that Valley View not only has provided a first-rate facility for those who have cancer, but the hospital also has reached and agreement with the University of Colorado for better treatment. The university will send its doctors here, providing patients with cutting-edge treatments they don’t have to leave town for.So, while Garfield County now has a better place for cancer patients to go, the sad truth is that it’s a necessary resource. Someone you know might have to visit the center for treatment for a disease that can be scary, debilitating or even fatal.While the cancer center isn’t a panacea to prevent cancer from cropping up, it can soften the blow to an unprecedented degree for Garfield County residents. Cancer isn’t just debilitating because of its effects on the body, although those can be worrisome enough – it also can affect patients socially by taking them away from their friends and family, professionally when it causes them to miss work, financially by draining their bank accounts for treatment, and even psychologically when these secondary effects exacerbate the difficulty of coping with the illness itself.While the treatments and doctors available at the cancer center certainly will raise the standard of care in the area, the side benefit is significant because it offsets those secondary problems. The new center means Garfield County residents might not have to travel as far as Denver or Grand Junction for treatment, meaning they can stay within their support networks, miss fewer days of work and save some of the expense for travel since they’re getting treatment near home.There are precious few easy answers for diseases like cancer, and Valley View’s hospital might not be a panacea for the disease. But it’s the brightest ray of hope for Garfield County patients in a long time.

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