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Celebrate Earth Day!

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Today is Earth Day. Please join millions of people across the globe to celebrate the earth. The point of Earth Day is to get people to think about how the way they live affects our planet. As citizens of the world, it is important for us to be respectful of our home at large, the earth, and also of our local community. The first thoughts of celebrating Earth Day began in 1962 when Senator Gaylord Nelson approached Attorney General Robert Kennedy with the idea that President John F. Kennedy could make the environment a visible issue by going on a conservation tour around the United States. And in September 1963, President Kennedy did just that. However, the tour failed to place the environment on the political agenda. In fact, the idea didn’t take off until 1969 when Senator Nelson organized a huge grass-roots protest over what was happening to the environment. On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held. Each of us can do our part to celebrate the earth by making small lifestyle changes to benefit the environment. Try using alternative transportation. It doesn’t need to be a big change, and it doesn’t even have to be inconvenient. It can be as simple as walking to work, biking to the store or riding the bus for a meeting across town. Every small change, multiplied by the millions of people living on our planet, has the potential to make a huge difference. Celebrate Earth Day. You can make a difference in our community and our planet while you save money, get fit and enjoy life. Using alternative transportation is an important step to a happier and healthier you and the environment. Instead of commuting with your car, try riding the bus, riding your bike or walking. Once or twice a week can make a difference in you and the environment.For information about alternative transportation, bus schedules, where to find local trail maps or other transportation options, please call 384-6437 or e-mail try@ci.glenwood-springs.co.us.

The city of Glenwood Springs Spring Cleanup is April 13 through April 24. It is time again to spruce up and clean up. Take advantage of this annual program and do some spring cleaning around your residence. This is a limited time offer, so plan ahead. Crews will make only one trip through your neighborhood, so it’s important all items be ready by the start date for your area. For additional information, please visit the city of Glenwood Springs web site at http://www.glenwood-springs.co.us and click on 2009 Spring Cleanup Guidelines and Map. Also, be cautious while driving, piles of debris may have fallen onto the streets.

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