Chacos: Lauren Boebert is just like me |

Chacos: Lauren Boebert is just like me

Andrea Chacos
Enjoy the Ride

Lauren Boebert, the freshman Republican congresswoman from Colorado, is just like me. We both call the Rocky Mountains home, although Boebert originally hails from Florida and I’m from Connecticut. That means we both cut our prepubescent teeth on the east coast, and therefore, we both have bold personalities. We both also dabble in politics. Boebert represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, and I’m a voter in every election.

I want to dig deep and find the things that truly bind us, Boebert and me. My exercise in similarities may simply be a symptom of my foggy brain and COVID-19 isolation, because I’m sitting in my living room at 5 a.m. debating whether to binge watch “Ted Lasso” again or find the humanity in Lauren Boebert. And — although, “Fútbol is life!” according to my favorite character on Lasso — my own life would be lonely and fueled with hate if I simply focused on our differences and not search for some similarities instead.

Could we be friends, Lauren and me? For starters, we both own and operate popular restaurants in our respective small, mountain towns. Well, I don’t really “run” the restaurant; honestly, I never have. My husband and his team of dedicated staff operate the day-to-day, but I often dine there, and I’ve been trained to know good-looking hash browns when I see them. Boebert also owns and has her husband operate the restaurant on her behalf. That restaurant also serves potatoes. Could this be the spark that ignites a friendship?

Although Lauren is probably torn with her responsibility to greet customers or bus tables in her food establishment in Colorado, she’s spread thin with her day job in Washington, D.C., and its grueling commute. I have a day job, too, and I totally get it. Sometimes the commute gets me so riled up that I know why she waves a Glock around before even stepping foot on the Hill.

I imagine juggling family and work life to be as insane for Boebert as it is for me. Even though Boebert has four children, and I have only three, we all work at our capacity, do we not? (I’m taking a cue here from a friend with only one child). After a long day at work, every parent on the planet struggles with sorting heaps of laundry, walking the dog and getting dinner on the table. I’m sure we similarly bark orders to get chores done around the house and bribe with things that we know motivate our children most. Homemade cookies. Bullets. A new puppy. We all have personal preferences.

When it comes to homework for our children, I know Lauren and I are on the same page. Common Core math standards have brought American families to their knees and have infiltrated otherwise peaceful, private homes. Public schools, with their nightly “homework” requirements, dampen the mood around the house and have no business overlording my evening routine. Lauren would undoubtedly agree, and I could see us commiserating over hot tea the intricacies of middle school math and how our spouses have the patience of oysters to live with our spicy personalities.

I know Boebie and I have so much in common that I could go on indefinitely. I heard somewhere that this cute moniker is Boebert’s unofficial nickname, and I’m sure some people think it’s childish. I also have a cat that my mom nicknamed Boobie, and I know of one member of my family claiming that’s a tasteless name, too. Seriously, this column is writing itself.

What ultimately unites Lauren Boebert to me is our passion for family, blue jeans and good food at the county fair. Although I’m a diehard fan of the chicken tikka masala naan burrito and Boebert is a lover of the pork sliders, I would love the opportunity to debate our palatable differences, with variety being the spice of life, so they say. And with only over a decade between us, there’s still so much Lauren and I don’t know about one another. Seeing she’s been chosen to represent me and my naan-loving peers in the district where I live, I’d relish a day with Lauren going on a hike overlooking our valley, and then sipping Chardonnay at sunset gabbing with my middle-aged friends that have to open-carry reading glasses because they’re not just for show.

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