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Cheers and Jeers

Editor’s note: Cheers and Jeers is a feature that runs occasionally on the Post Independent Opinion page. Readers may submit items anonymously by emailing and putting cheer or jeer in the subject line. We prefer that items be 100 words or less. As usual, all submissions are subject to editing.

Jeers: to how hard it can be to get a driver’s license. I enjoyed reading about Michael Bennett’s experience getting his. When I moved here two years ago and needed to change my address on the license, I couldn’t believe there were only two clerks working and over 50 people waiting. In a 45 minute span one day, only three people had been served. After going there several times, I finally one day took a number, went out for lunch, did grocery shopping, took groceries home, and then went back to license bureau. I still waited about 45 minutes. A few days later I contacted the Post Independent and they did an excellent story on this sad state of affairs. Last I saw there were several more employees — but still quite a wait. What do working people do? Take a day off work?

Jeers: to Al’s “Gore-bal” warming theory.

Cheers: to the class of second-graders at Crystal River Elementary who raised $340 for Heifer International, donating their own funds and money earned by chores, or donations from their families. Since they were studying communities for social studies, they decided to help a community by donating animals to help them rise up out of poverty, a gift that also gets passed on in that community to help their neighbors.

Cheers: To the Glenwood Springs City Council for deciding to make the 900 block of Cooper Avenue two-way to make it easier to access the public parking garage. The hundreds of garage users who sneak into the garage illegally from the north or transit from the garage to the upper deck by driving south — you know who you are — will no longer have to risk a ticket.

Jeers: to the city of Glenwood Springs for having to spend $50,000 on a study to arrive at the conclusion that making the 900 block of Cooper two-way was the proper solution to providing easier access to the parking garage.

Jeers: to the Colorado Department of Transportation for referring to the elevator option for delivering pedestrians to the new foot bridge over the Colorado River as “vertical circulation.” Might as well call the ramp option “inclined delivery.” At this rate, we might have to remind ourselves we’re talking about moving people, not mail.

Jeers: to the local tow company that towed my son’s truck recently for 10 miles and charged $432.50. Boy was I shocked by that bill. I have done research and learned that tow companies can drastically vary on price. I complained about the bill and they found an $85 error and have credited me for that amount. We asked for the truck to be taken to the high school, but my son couldn’t pay the bill so they took it to their gas station until we could get there and charged us $35. I would recommend that before you are towed and even if your insurance recommends someone, that you lock your price in because you could have a surprise like us. The insurance company only pays around $150.

Jeers: to $139 lift tickets. Isn’t horse racing supposed to be the sport of kings?

Cheers: to the city of Glenwood Springs for pursuing an instream recreational flow right on the Colorado River. Economic lifeblood barely begins to characterize the waterway’s importance to the city and region.

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