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Cheers & Jeers

Editor’s note: Cheers and Jeers is a feature that runs occasionally on the Post Independent Opinion page. Readers may submit items anonymously by emailing and putting cheer or jeer in the subject line. We prefer that items be 100 words or less. As usual, all submissions are subject to editing.

Jeers: to the anti-gunners who shamelessly conscripted the death of a shooting victim at Arapahoe High School in service to their agenda. Once again, a troubled teen with a known grudge who made a threat was ignored and the result was another preventable death. “But only if we had tougher gun laws, we could have spared a life.” Nonsense. Get a grip and start addressing the cause of these shootings rather than penalizing law-abiding citizens.

Jeers: to those caterwauling about Obama’s “war on coal.” Look no further than Somerset to find a place where the Obama administration granted a significant expansion of a coal mine over the strenuous objections of environmental groups. The real “culprit” in coal’s declining fortunes is the natural gas industry. It has fracked up a storm to such an extent that we are able, thank goodness, to economically replace coal-fired power plants with gas-fired plants that have single-handedly reduced the nation’s carbon footprint by a few giant sizes.

Cheers: to murder suspect Fredy Cabrera paying for his own defense rather than relying on the good offices of the Public Defender. Anyone who owns three businesses and two houses, no matter how leveraged they might be, should not be entitled to a free legal defense courtesy of the taxpayers just because the seriousness of the alleged crime would require a legal team so expensive it might bankrupt the defendant. The same logic could well apply to, say, a DUI charge for a lot of folks, but the PD’s office isn’t rushing to their defense.

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