Clearing space downtown for residential parking |

Clearing space downtown for residential parking

Dennis Webb, News Editor

The wheels of government moved a lot more quickly than they normally get credit for in the case of a residential parking problem in downtown Glenwood Springs.

Only two months ago, residents were complaining about increasing difficulty parking in front of their homes.

Come late April, they should see some relief.

Thanks to quick action by city manager Mike Copp and City Council, Glenwood Springs will implement more two-hour parking downtown, with a focus on residential streets. In tandem, the city will allow up to two parking permits per residential household, along with an additional guest pass.

Credit for initially proposing this idea goes to a city Parking Task Force, which conducted a survey last summer and released numerous recommendations in March. The city decided to expedite the expanded two-hour parking restrictions based on complaints.

The city also is encouraging downtown employees to park in the lot at the old municipal operations center on 7th Street, and in a lot west of City Hall on 8th Street.

Leading by example, the city is requiring its own employees to use the 7th Street lot. The county should be also be requiring lot parking for its employees.

However, County Commissioner John Martin is hesitant to do more than simply ask this of employees, fearing that ordering them could violate some constitutional right to park wherever they want.

Far from that, it’s merely a reasonable condition of employment. It should be mandated by an entity that, like the city, is a leading downtown employer whose recent office construction projects have exacerbated parking problems.

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