Column: A declaration of independents |

Column: A declaration of independents

Randy Fricke
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It’s July 2016. Are you in the mood for the forthcoming political circuses that will occur later this month? America’s two major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, are hosting their presidential nominating conventions this month. America’s two political country clubs are going to crown their kings and queens for president and vice president at these events.

For the most part, these two groups represent America’s wealthy 1 percent and their corporate sponsors. A large share of Democrats and Republicans in Congress are in the millionaire class. Neither of these two political parties represents a large majority of Americans today.

I don’t see the need for conventions or delegates since the corporate media has already chosen the nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The corporate media has corrupted the election process once again.

Another dimension to the gross expression of wealth by these two political country clubs and their anointed candidates is the amount of money they are willing to spend on this election.

Clinton immediately announced in June after she supposedly won the California primary that she will spend $1 billion to defeat Donald Trump.

Trump responded a few days later stating that he is willing to raise that same amount to defeat Clinton. These two candidates could feed the 16 million starving children in America with their speaker fees. Their super PACs and Wall Street donors could help the 46 million Americans on food stamps. The money that Americans spend on political campaigning is such a waste.

I know that I continually harp on this issue in almost every column, but for good reason. Americans are being cheated out of their rights to participate in the political process in their own country. Today, 46 percent of the registered voters in America are unaffiliated or independents.

Millions of these registered voters were obstructed from voting in the presidential primaries held across the nation this year. This should be the wake-up call for independents as well as the rest of America.

Independents need to create and use their own political power. Independents would not require an expensive extravaganza to nominate their presidential candidates. They could create their own nominating system and set a historical example of democratic representation on a national level. For example, Sen. Bernie Sanders could be officially nominated for president through this process. Sanders may not need this process, but it would be a great unifying mechanism for millions of independent voters.

Sanders is the most trustworthy presidential candidate for America. If Sanders chooses to run as an independent after the convention, he should be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Sanders may have another backup plan. There was a recent unconfirmed report on social media that Sanders has been certified as an official write-in presidential candidate in all 50 states. This has been one of the hopes for the “Bernie Or Bust” group for several months.

I learned this past week that the Democratic Party’s convention platform committee denied a Sanders request for a national fracking ban. The Clinton Democrats were all for the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership. In addition, they snubbed Sanders’ request for $15 an hour minimum wage, single-payer health insurance and a carbon tax. Basically, the Democratic Party platform will look just like the Republican platform. Sanders tried to push what most Americans want, but the establishment Clinton Democrats slammed the door in his face. He should bail.

The conventions could get ugly with riots and protests. There could be angry mobs in Cleveland at the Republican convention. Philadelphia is expecting 30,000 protesters at the Democratic convention. This is where the real, authentic protest will be. Protesters will be voicing their contempt of the corruption of the Democratic National Committee, the rigged primaries and much more. My voice of protest will be there with the masses.

We, the independent voters of America hereby declare our independence from the Democratic and Republican parties. We encourage all Americans to rebel and abandon these two corrupt political parties that have destroyed America’s democratic republic with their super PACs, super delegates and rigged primary elections. We encourage the overthrow of the dictatorship that these two major political parties and the corporate media have bestowed upon the American people. I believe that America’s Founding Fathers would want us to save America and establish a new democracy for this country. This revolution has already started.

Randy Fricke lives in New Castle. He is an environmental advocate and a political activist and author of “If I Were President/Saving Main Street America.”

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