Columnist: Fundamentalist Islam is mainstream Islam |

Columnist: Fundamentalist Islam is mainstream Islam

Since 2000, Muslims have killed 3,136 people living in the United States. Having spent some time in the Middle East, some effort studying Islam, reading the Koran and studying the history of Mohammed, I know that Islam is not a religion of peace. In fact, I do not believe it is a religion at all but an oppressive political system designed to conquer the world utilizing a veneer of religion as justification. Muslims did not send out missionaries to convert believers to Islam: they sent armies.

Mohammed began Islam by proclaiming himself a prophet. He supposedly received his prophecies in dreams from the Angel Gabriel. Mohammed was not literate. Mohammed orally passed on these prophecies, the suras of the Koran. Only after his death were the suras put in written form.

Mohammed was rejected by his tribe and moved out of Mecca to Medina. Initially he was well received by the Jews there, but once they rejected his prophecies, he killed them all. When he had sufficient force, he returned to Mecca and killed all who had opposed him. He spread Islam by the sword. After his death, much of the Middle East was conquered by his followers.

Millions of Muslims follow fundamentalist teachings in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Gulf States, Qatar, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They suffer under a totalitarian political system dictated by their religion. While only about 10 percent are identified as radical, the remainder will generally support the radicals. They have been taught since their early ages hate and violence in the Saudi-supported madrasas. They are intimidated by religious police. This intimidation is not unlike that practiced by the Nazis in Germany, communists in the Soviet Union or other totalitarian regimes.

Under Sharia, women are persecuted and dominated by men. Homosexuals are killed. Practice of other religions is prohibited and punishable by death. There is no freedom of speech. In spite of this, Pew research shows that a majority of Muslims in the world would support Sharia law. In Michigan there has been a movement in Muslim communities to adopt Sharia. That is a basic and fundamental threat to Americans and our freedoms.

There are some moderate Muslims. Indonesia and Malaysia allow Sharia law to be applied only to practicing Muslims. In the Middle East there are Muslims who only go along as a matter of survival since religious police are quick to enforce Sharia violently.

At the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder last summer, I saw a man and two boys in shorts followed by a woman in a full burka. Since the day was warm, she had to be very uncomfortable. That family was not moderate. They will not assimilate in our culture but will expect us to change to their culture.

According to Senate testimony in 2003, approximately 80 percent of the mosques in the United States were funded by Saudi Arabia. These mosques preach the violence and hatred of Saudi Wahhabis. They establish madrasas, religious schools, where their vile views are taught to children. It should be no surprise that Muslims here are being radicalized.

While studying Islam I read Dr. Zhudi Jasser’s book, “A Battle for the Soul of Islam.” A former U.S. Navy Officer, a medical doctor and Syrian American, he promotes a form of moderate Islam. He sees himself as an American first, Muslim second. He writes “For Islamists, the thinking is reversed. Islam comes before all else, and everything should be done to make this religion the dominant one in the world and for laws to be based not on secular agreement but purely on Shariah.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Zhudi has been spectacularly unsuccessful in promoting moderate Islam. Distressed by the 9/11 attacks, he tried to organize his Muslim friends into a vigil of support for the victims of the attacks. Initially 350 Muslims committed to attending. However, local imams heard of his effort and moved to block their congregations from going. Only 60 eventually showed up. Dr. Zhudi’s own mother, who had been something of an activist in Syria, cautioned him about criticizing fundamental Islam, fearing reprisals against their family still living in Syria.

Osama Bin Laden used the Koran to justify 9/11, particularly sura 9.5. ISIS today states that they are the true followers of Mohammed as do the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. Both advocate the violent conquest of the world.

Since ISIS is Sunni, we should not expect any of the Sunnis to offer more than token support in the fight against them.

Given the violent policy of conquest of Islam, what is the benefit to us in allowing Muslim refugees into the U.S. without proper vetting? I cannot understand why anyone would advocate bringing in refugees, whom our CIA and FBI both state cannot be properly vetted. We need to temporarily ban them until real vetting can be done. We can help the refugees without bringing them here.

Who in our government will take responsibility when the next Muslim terrorist kills?

Roland McLean, an Aspen Glen resident, is a University of Colorado graduate, Navy veteran and retiree after more than 30 years in international construction. His column appears on the fourth Thursday of each month. Reach him at

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