Columnist: Standing up for the right to be born |

Columnist: Standing up for the right to be born

Eloisa Duarte
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I was driving by Glenwood when a woman holding a sign surprised me. The sign said: “Pray for the unborn.” She was standing outside of a place where abortion can be legally performed.

Hours later I received a phone call with the tragic news that a friend was in an emotional breakdown for having lost a baby in a miscarriage.

The contradictions of life; while some desperately wish to have a baby, others with $500 and three hours inside a clinic can submit to an abortion.

Abortion has a strong impact when you give yourself the task of looking into the methods utilized for abortion and all the processes that it implies, still while being legal. The New York Times recently published that at the national level Planned Parenthood conducts 327,000 abortions annually. I do not know the statistics in the local Planned Parenthood, but it must be an interesting piece of information.

The theme of life and death is one that is at play every day. Those who favor abortion call it planning, and affirm that women have the right over their own body and for that reason they can choose over the life or lives that they carry.

On the other side there are very aggressive and explicit positions that argue that abortion is criminal for doing something to someone who is trapped in a cozy womb. But is this really the aggressive side?

Maybe the majority of the women turn to abortion for their loneliness, desperation, fear or for feeling obligated (although it is hard to believe) — and of course also for lack of support from their partner or family.

Sometimes it is hard to judge if one does not know all the circumstances that push a woman to abort. It can be from social pressure to the fear of feeling insecure of receiving a new life. A man who pushes a woman to have an abortion may face the same circumstances.

It would be interesting to reinforce sexuality education in middle and high school. This is where the majority of youth begin some type of sexual activity. It is also necessary for them to learn about contraceptive methods, values of life and other resources that are necessary for their future.

A friend of mine had decided to abort her child, and when she made an appointment the provider warned her that there would be group of people and that she should just ignore them. This changed her mind, and now she has a beautiful baby in her arms.

I’m in favor of life, but I recognize that I do not have the courage of the woman I saw outside of Planned Parenthood. I am a coward? Fearful? Lazy? Selfish? Or I am just locked inside my own world?

I need to work on that because having seen her bravery and passion in defending the value of life for just 10 seconds made me realize that this is a battle that is far from easy.

Carrying a pregnancy to term is extremely hard — just ask anyone who desperately wants a baby and cannot have one. Life is a beautiful gift that needs to be valued.

Destroying a life is relatively easy — just ask a woman who already has experience in living through this process. Life is not a game; it is a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled. Planning and eliminating are not synonyms.

The industry of abortion is very well-structured. I worry not just about the lives destroyed but also the physical and emotional health of the woman who has gone through all the pain that this causes.

And after everything, life opens a way and I am convinced that more warriors will join the fight for defending the right of birth; that victory that you and I have already conquered, that right that you and I are already enjoying.

Eloisa Duarte has been a volunteer in many community projects. She has a degree in communications and a passion for education. Her column normally appears on the third Thursday of each month on the community pages. Because of today’s topic, the opinion page is the more appropriate venue.

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