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A girl can’t resist a good sail

Every now and again, a girl needs a little wind put back in her sails.Listening to that “Sailing” song by Christopher Cross doesn’t count.Neither does standing over a vent so the air blows up your skirt. An exception can be made for Marilyn Monroe it did wonders for her career.There’s no reason to float through life, not trying anything new. Unless Rocky Mountain Oysters are involved. Eating a deep-fried cow testicle is definitely mind over matter.Just when I thought I couldn’t relate to Jimmy Buffett any more than I already do, I go sailing.And, like Jimmy, I loved it.In the words of my flip-flop-wearing, margarita-drinking hero, I am a pirate 200 years too late. Unfortunately arriving too late is kind of my thing.Yes, that sounds like a personal problem to me, too.I had my maiden voyage in a sailboat on Grand Lake near Granby over the weekend with my boyfriend. I’d be lying if I said the trip didn’t include two nondrowsy-formula Dramamine.Hey, sailors are allowed to have seasickness just like everyone else.Even if it is less than a three-hour tour.I’d like to tell people I spent my summers on the water as part of a crew, greeting people with clever terms like “Ahoy!” and knowing the difference between a jib sheet and a staysail.Not so.Where I’m from, being on the water usually involved an old ski or pontoon boat, lake fishing, and futile attempts by uncoordinated football players to get up on water skis.Throw in a jet ski or two for a real party. On Lake Wawasee I’m not making that name up the purpose of boating was mostly to go to The Frog, a boat-in restaurant-bar, or the sand bar. The water is three or four feet deep on the two-acre sand bar of Indiana’s largest natural lake. People play Keep Away and water volleyball. My friends and I would walk from boat to boat, visiting with half-naked strangers and mooching extra beers or hot dogs.Sailing is in an entirely different league.There’s a bit more skill involved with sailing than just starting a boat and using a wheel to steer away from an oncoming boat. Or a buoy. There’s that whole windward direction thing to consider, not to mention all those sailing lingo-heavy commands.A word of advice for any captain whose girlfriend is also his first-time first mate: “Sweetheart” works extremely well when yelling out, “More beef here!”That’s a request for help when hauling on a rope, by the way.Like Buffett says, “Treat her like a lady.”April E. Clark is thinking she needs more Ralph Lauren labels in her closet if she’s going to be sailing this summer. She can be reached at aclark@postindependent.com.

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