And you thought your name was bad |

And you thought your name was bad

“Hey, check it out – there’s a town called ‘Mud Lick,'” I called out to husband-head as I surfed the Internet.”Cool. I’d live in a town called ‘Mud Lick,'” husband-head replied. “What state is it in?”Kentucky.”Well, that makes sense,” husband-head agreed. “Aren’t they famous for making whiskey? I wonder how many shots they had before they thought of that name …”And now the town of Silt, Colo., is making national news because some of its residents want to change the name because they think it sounds “dirty” and gives the community a bad image.Granted, it’s an unusual name, but you should see what other people have called their towns. According to a list I found on the Internet, there are:n Assawoman, Virginia – We’re pretty sure there aren’t a lot of women living here.n Blueballs, Pennsylvania – We’re pretty sure there aren’t a lot of men living here.n Boring, Maryland – The name says it all. If you look it up on the Internet, you can find Boring jobs, Boring motels, Boring Churches, Boring Apartments and Boring people.There’s even boring things to do.”In June, the Boring Volunteer Fire Department throws the Boring Gas Engine Show and Flea Market,” the information says. “Boring also has bingo six nights a week at the fire hall, if you are passing through the area.”How boring.n Climax, North Carolina – Think of all the slogan possibilities and T-shirts they must sell …n Ding Dong, Texas – Located in Bell County, the name does not necessarily reflect the IQ of its residents, but is reportedly named after a man and his nephew named Bell who ran a country store in the area and had “Ding Dong” on their advertising sign. Still, it must be difficult to be a blonde woman growing up here.n Disco, Tennessee – John Travolta for governor! n Dismal, Tennessee – Anti-depressants must be popular here.n Hooker, Oklahoma – Apparently, for every 100 females over 18 in this city, there are 93 males. We wonder how many of them are named “John”…n It, Mississippi – Our state name is really long and hard to spell, so we thought we’d pick a really short one for the town.n Toad Suck, Arkansas – The people actually have an annual Toad Suck Daze, which includes a Toad Suck SuperStar singing competition. We’re wondering if those kicked off American Idol might do better here.n Hygiene, Colorado – Good clean living in the Rocky Mountains.n French Lick, Indiana – According to our research, French people used to operate a trading post in the town. They must have liked to lick things. Because it is also the hometown of former NBA great, Larry Bird, we’re surprised they haven’t changed the name to “Nose.”n Mud Butte, South Dakota – If you look up things to do in this town, there isn’t a single thing listed.n Oatmeal, Texas – We are wondering if there is a large Quaker population here …n Fort Dick, California – Clearly this American fort was named before women were allowed to join the military.n Intercourse, Pennsylvania – Ironically, this town boasts a large Amish population. They say theft of sign posts is common in this town. Can you imagine someone asking one of these residents where they came from?””Intercourse.”Don’t we all?And the people of Silt think their name is dirty …”Good thing those places don’t have football teams,” husband-head observed. “Can you imagine Hooker playing Fort Dick or Intercourse taking on Climax?”Ewww.For the record, “Silt” may mean dirt, but there’s also a town called “Sod” in West Virginia.The people of Silt need to calm down and take a shot of good ol’ Kentucky bourbon whiskey and be grateful their town isn’t called “Mud Lick.”Heidi Rice is a reporter for the Post Independent. Her column runs every Friday. Visit her Web site at

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