Another summer for the scrapbook |

Another summer for the scrapbook

Hello, class, my name is April, and this is how I spent my summer vacation.Second to show-and-tell, documenting the summer break in writing was my favorite part of school every year. My essays typically recounted driving down to Long Boat Key, Fla., while heavily medicated on Dramamine, attempting to be half-way decent at softball, or playing Ghost in the Graveyard every evening until the sky turned black.And there was usually a story or two about me hitting my head on stuff. I did that a lot.There was no Florida family vacation involved in my summer fun this year, although I did roadtrip to Vegas with five other girls in the same car. All I can say is it’s a good thing I threw away a pair of old flip flops at that rest stop. People’s eyes were starting to water, for Pete’s sakes.I didn’t really go on much of a vacation this year no overnight rafting trips to Utah like summers before or visits to any nudist colonies. But I did eat at the Sonic in Rifle and took my parents to that rock garden memorial park thing for John Denver in Aspen.I’m quite the jet-setter.Actually, I had a great time staying around the valley this summer. I’ve met an awesome group of friends who I wish I would have known when I was a kid. Those formidable high school years would have been much like “Beverly Hills 90210.”Without that witchy Brenda chick. Or Tori Spelling’s cleavage.I had a lot of firsts this summer, like going to my first Strawberry Days, tossing a rugby ball and learning to tackle for the first time, and working the door for a band. I also wore a fairy costume to a party, hung out with an actor who was on Degrassi Junior High a few times, and was stung by a wasp.I had to be brought down somehow.There were some moments that were not my best performances, like that whole boyfriend break-up thing. And that time I tossed a Bible at one of my friends in the hotel room in Vegas and told her she might want to read it.That didn’t go over so well.Overall, the season was a blast. It quite possibly beat that summer I was an intern at a weekly paper and my beat was the Lafayette Leopards Triple A baseball team. Those boys of summer sure knew how to have a good time, on and off the field.I’m thinking of maybe making a scrapbook of my summer, like my friends with kids do. I think about my age and wonder if a scrapbook for a 34-year-old on how she spent her summer vacation playing on a Slip ‘N Slide and going to parties dressed like a fairy is appropriate.Then I remember how I just created my very own MySpace page which I said I would never ever do with a photo of myself in a Wonder Woman costume (fairy photo coming soon). At my age, I suppose I can do about anything I want that’s not illegal or banned in 22 countries.I do have a magic wand, after all.April E. Clark is looking forward to a fabulous ski season this winter, gearing up with a huge Pray for Snow party with all her fun friends. White vintage ski wear is a must. She can be reached at 945-8515, ext. 518, or

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