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As I See It

Here’s a little test: Which of the following would you prefer to be your leader?A. A rich-man’s party-animal son whose daddy got him into Yale, who had a drinking problem and a lackluster academic record.B. A serious student, who was admitted to Yale on his own merits, and early demonstrated a keen intellect and curiosity.A. A shirker in time of war, whose daddy got him appointed to the Air National Guard over 500 more highly qualified applicants, to avoid Vietnam service, who then failed to fulfill his Guard obligations.B. Someone who volunteered to serve in Vietnam because he believed strongly in serving his country, and then served with valor and distinction.A. Someone whose business career consisted of a series of failures and bailouts by daddy’s wealthy friends, and an illegal insider bailout sale of stock in a company in which he was a director.B. Someone who, following an outstanding record in law school, went on to a career in public service marked by moral strength and commitment.A. One who never having personally experienced war, cavalierly sent young Americans into a war who, from the beginning, has been searching for a reason, recklessly shooting from the hip without a plan, and alienating our friends around the world.B. Someone who shows restraint and carefully plans his actions, respects the value of cordial relations with other nations, and knowing full well the horrors of war, would not get us into one without a well substantiated compelling reason.A. Someone who has run up a record deficit, giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy and opposing measures which would tax companies that send jobs overseas.B. Someone who places the needs of the people – issues such as education, child care, and health care – ahead of tax gifts to corporations and the wealthy.A. One who having criticized the other political party for its supposed “tax-and-spend” philosophy (despite a balanced budget left to him by his predecessor), has instituted a policy of “borrow and spend.”B. One who would rescind tax giveaways for the wealthy and huge tax breaks for corporations in order to help ordinary people, and supports a pay-as-you-go policy to avoid passing an overwhelming debt on to future generations.A. A born-again Christian, who has let his religious beliefs take precedence over his oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution, the first amendment of which establishes separation between church and state, and who even went so far as to request the pope to inject himself into our election process by urging American bishops to tell Catholics how they should vote.B. A lifelong Catholic, who, like President John Kennedy (also a Catholic), recognizes that as president, his oath to support the Constitution supersedes his own religious convictions.A. One whose feeling of moral certitude leads to an intellectual inertness and rigidity which causes him to stick blindly to his beliefs regardless of reason or evidence to the contrary.B. A keen observer who senses changes, thoughtfully weighs decisions, and recognizes the need to be flexible as events change.So which of the above, A or B, would you trust to lead our country for the next four years?Glenwood Springs resident Hal Sundin’s column runs every other Thursday in the Post Independent.Glenwood Springs resident Hal Sundin’s column runs every other Thursday in the Post Independent.

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