Beware emotional responses |

Beware emotional responses

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

One of the most hazardous features of a democracy is that generally a majority of people tend to come to conclusions that are not based on good or extensive information, but are emotional responses to a charismatic personality.

I thought it was just a fringe minority who went off with the Rev. Jim Jones and committed suicide, but I was wrong.

I grew up assuming my parents knew everything, but by the time I reached college I was questioning everything. Just because someone is authoritative in their opinions does not automatically mean they have the truth.

People who assume leadership are more often than not driven by personal motives. My brief sortie into politics was very disconcerting. I discovered the dominant motives were power and money.

The rapid slide into socialism is driven by the desire to control every facet of society.

Some years back, Paul Harvey on “The Rest of the Story,” observed people employed by government had become more than half of the entire workforce. That was probably the point of no return. If it was 50 percent years ago, think what it is now, and it’s still on the rise with the creation of every new agency, regulation, fee or tax.

Have you noticed the people who are the most critical and intolerant accuse everyone else of being critical and intolerant?

These people have usually leaped to a conclusion based on an emotional response and limited knowledge. They become very defensive because even admitting to a wrong position would be devastating to their pride. Ego is an expensive animal to keep.

The economic success and world leadership of America did not occur because we built a copy of European socialism, but rather because our ancestors rejected it in favor of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Why then are we morphing into a socialist society? Are we embarrassed because of our success?

The two major techniques used to control people are fear and deception. For instance, when our political leadership talks about taxes, they just refer to income tax and totally ignore the hundreds of fees, permits, inspections, licenses, sales tax and other sources of government money. They shout about tax breaks for low-income people, and then force you to buy CO2 detectors or charge you to raft on the river. They raise your car license fee and require an inspection of the blocks under your mobile home.

Stop and think about it and you will realize that every day has become an April 15. That’s all deception. Then there is the fear side.

Global warming is really shaky science, but if they can convince you people are causing it, they can increase all kinds of fees and changes in products to capitalize on your fear.

Did they tell you sensors underestimated the ice cap by an area the size of California? Did they tell you that NASA predicts serious cooling due to sunspot cycles?

When you find yourself getting all fanatical about something, it’s a sure clue you should really study the counter-evidence.

When you are so sure radiation and chemotherapy are the only treatment for cancer, you should check with John Hopkins Hospital update or maybe read “A World With-out Cancer” by Edward Griffen. Then there is “The Makers Diet” by Jordan S Rubin, just for starters.

I concede clear thinking is difficult when fear sets in, or you are the victim of deception.

Remember when butter was bad and margarine was good? I have lived through the apple/Alar scare, the cranberry disaster, the grape/cyanide thing, the cantaloupe contamination and many other scares. The emphasis is on “lived.”

My philosophy is if God made it, it’s good. If man’s messed with it, it’s hazardous.

You don’t scare me.

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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