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Bureaucratic license

Mike Bennett
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I’m sure you all have been waiting with excitement to see if Mike Bennett got his Colorado driver’s license yet.

The short answer is no, but I’ve made some progress, and if all goes well I’ll be legally licensed in the state by next week.

What I learned was that the other Michael Bennett had a different birth date than myself, which is something Colorado DMV already knew.

So why was I flagged?

I don’t have the answer. I’m just asking.

Last week after a half hour on hold I got through to a live person in New York.

I was informed that the person I needed to talk to would be arriving in their office shortly. So I left a message and anxiously awaited the call back I was told to expect within the hour.

Seriously, I truly did not expect a call back, and New York fulfilled my expectation.

So, I decided to step it up a notch and contacted our state Rep. Bob Rankin.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how quick he was to respond.

His office jumped on my case, but despite their efforts they just don’t have jurisdiction or influence over the New York DMV.

This was the first time I ever contacted a state official, and my cheers to Rep. Rankin and his staff. Nice to know that we have good elected officials.

Yesterday morning I mustered the strength to call New York again.

I pressed 1 as instructed, which gave me a busy signal.

I tried again and pressed 1 and got a busy signal.

I called back and pressed 2 and 12 minutes later I got someone on the phone and explained to her that the phone system wasn’t working properly.

Her reply was, “They must be busy.”

I stayed calm and polite going with the honey theory. I explained my plight and when she told me that she needed to transfer me I winced and asked in my sweetest voice if she could make certain I actually reached someone. This fine lady did just that, and again I was thankful.

On to the correct department, I explained my situation.

The official told me that it takes seven to 10 days, and I explained it’s been 17. She asked me to hold for a minute and my blood pressure began to rise. Fortunately she got back on the phone and told me she found all of my documents. With any luck I’ll get a letter faxed to me today.

Anyone want to take bets?

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